Blessings and Peace in 2018!

Welcome Friends,

On New Year’s Day, Pope Francis told us, “Devotion to Mary is not spiritual etiquette; it is a requirement of the Christian life. Looking to the Mother, we are asked to leave behind all sorts of useless baggage and to rediscover what really matters.”

These words are a great inspiration to embrace our faith and strengthen our commitment to Mary. Our resolve to live a Christian life and honor our Holy Mother is one that can endure and promises a host of spiritual benefits far exceeding other resolutions.

If perhaps some of your resolutions have slipped by the wayside, this Lent, we have a wonderful opportunity to renew the commitment to our faith. February began with a Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes. We hope you will continue to pray with us through lent as we prepare for Easter.

We look forward to sharing this journey of faith with you. We welcome hearing from you on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, that’s one of our resolutions to stay in touch more.

Thank you for kindly sharing your resources, your time and your prayers with us. Your generosity is the blessing that helps us to continue to serve His children! We pray for you in the Grotto and before the Blessed Sacrament. Please pray for us!

Blessings and Peace in 2018!
The Board of Directors