Occupancy to Operations

Grand Opening

Our Grand Opening is planned for February 11, 2025. Please help us make that date by generously supporting the project today!

Renovation, Upkeep and Maintenance

Near-term opportunities will be available to serve at Guadalupe House for non-technical construction and renovation work. Examples might include painting a wall or ceiling, installing a door or hardware, metal, wood and wall preparation and painting, general woodworking or furniture or stair building/making, finishing work, etc.

If you are experienced and have skills for construction, renovations, woodworking, painting or landscaping (including hardscape), please email us at: gh_renovation@lourdesvolunteers.org.

A longer-term opportunity will be available once the home is open to provide help with ongoing upkeep and maintenance. If you are interested in this area or want to learn more, please email us at: gh_operations@lourdesvolunteers.org.

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