Frequently Asked Questions

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Lourdes Water Requests

How do I use the water?
It is your water, a gift from our Blessed Mother to use however you find comfort and peace. There is no right or wrong way to use it. Some suggestions include:

• Bless yourself, there is a nice prayer on the letter you will be receiving

• Touch it to an ache or pain and ask God for healing

Can I drink this water?
St. Bernadette was instructed to drink of the spring and wash of it. While this water has not gone through proper “Food Safe” testing it does come from a natural spring and many people do drink it. We provide it for you to bless yourself as you are comfortable.
How much water do I need?
St. Bernadette reminds us that we only need one drop of water and faith.
Has this Lourdes Water been blessed?
While Lourdes Water does not have to be blessed, all Lourdes Water that leaves our office has been blessed before it arrives in the mail to you.
When should I expect to receive my Lourdes Water?
At this time we ask humbly that people allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. We are doing our best to get this Lourdes water in the hands of those that need it.
Can I send you the bottle back for a refill?
No. We do not want the bottle back! Recycle the bottle; and any Lourdes water that is not being used please discard into the earth not down the drain.
How much does Lourdes Water cost?
We do not have a set amount of money we suggest in donations for Lourdes Water. Our ministry is focused on sharing the message of Lourdes. We appreciate any donation you can make today, especially to offset the cost of those that desperately need the water, but cannot afford to make a donation at this time.
I am not comfortable providing my Credit Card information over the phone or internet, can I donate another way?
Yes, there will be a remittance envelope in the package with your Lourdes Water. If you would like to write a check, make it payable to Lourdes Volunteers.
Does your organization share emails?
No, our organization will only use your email to be in contact with you about your water and to receive communications from us, we do not sell lists.