Guadalupe House

An American Oasis of Hospitality Coming to Lourdes

Thanks to the faith and generosity of our amazing benefactors, we are beginning renovations on Guadalupe House! Named after the Patroness of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, this historic home is located at the place where, in 1858, Bernadette Soubirous ran to tell the name of the beautiful Lady who appeared in the Grotto. When Bernadette told Père Peyramale what the Lady said, “I am the Immaculate Conception,” the Abbé realized it was the Mother of God appearing to Bernadette. Today, pilgrims retrace the footsteps of St. Bernadette and come just outside our kitchen window to reflect on the profound moment Our Lady was revealed.

Recognizing the increased need for an American presence in Lourdes, renovations are underway so that Guadalupe House can provide greatly-needed accommodations, office space and comfortable amenities to our members. Guadalupe House will be an “American Oasis of Hospitality in Lourdes,” increasing our capacity to serve our special needs pilgrims and volunteers. With its guaranteed, year-round availability, Guadalupe House will be the perfect place for our specialized groups to experience respite, retreat and pilgrimage. On its property, Guadalupe House holds a small two-car length garage. This building, aptly named San Juan Deigo, will be converted to a private residence for our priests and chaplains.

We are thrilled to finally begin work on this historic building which will have a major impact on our ability to achieve our mission. We are asking our members to help with passionate prayers and financial support. Thanks be to God!

Purchased in 2004, this 5,000 square foot residence is well suited to meet the needs of the first American Lourdes Hospitality. Thanks to the generosity of anonymous benefactors, renovations began on March 25th, 2019. If you are interested in more information or would like to assist with Guadalupe House and San Juan Diego, please contact us at (315) 476-0026.

More Information about Our Home in Lourdes

Guadalupe House will accommodate Association members, offering:

  • Gracious courtyard
  • Welcome are and living room
  • Spacious kitchen and dining facilities
  • 8 large en-suite bedrooms
  • 9 full bathrooms and 2 half-baths
  • Meeting room / private prayer room
  • Laundry and storage facilities
  • Offices equipped with modern technology

On-site with Guadalupe House, St. Juan Diego will offer a separate, private dwelling for our priests.

*Guadalupe House is a private residence available only to Association Members for pilgrimage overnight stays.

  • Volunteers
  • Specialized Needs
  • Hospice Family Respites
  • Home Schooling Families
  • Seminarians in Sanctuary Service
  • Youth and Young Adult Volunteers
  • Priest and Religious Respite-Retreats
  • Healing Retreats for Interior Suffering

Recognizing the increasing need for an American presence in Lourdes, our home-away-from-home named for the Patroness of the Americas will offer greatly needed accommodations and office space as well as comfortable amenities to our members. This guarantee year-round availability will increase service to our special needs pilgrims and student youth and young adult pilgrimages, as well as our members in service to the Lourdes Sanctuary.

Rev. Robert Hyde
Spiritual Director

Barry Vaughn

Marlene Watkins
Foundress and Project Director

Kevin Piatt
Construction Manager

James Kernell

Jim Barton
Technology and Security

Charo and Edwin Rojas
Renovation Advisers 

Jean and Gwénhaël de Fontaines
French Liaisons

Gilles Leroux
Père Régis-Marie de La Teyssonnière
Tarbes et Lourdes Liaisons

Msgr. Xavier d’Arodes de Peyriague
Lourdes Sanctuary Liaison

Eric and Marion Agro, AéA Architecture
Principal Architects

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers Board of Directors

Contact our office for more information: (315) 476-0026

The Guadalupe House Renovation Committee has developed the conceptual idea into detailed architectural blueprints, a timeline and budget. A practical project management plan provides oversight throughout the zoning application processes to self-sustaining functional occupancy.


The quaint charm of this French 18th century private home with six functional fireplaces was maintained in the renovation plan. The new reconstruction renovation includes handicapped sensibilities and modernized safety standards by incorporating contemporary needs and comforts within the existing charming historic design.

Please contact us before your travel to arrange a visit and tour of Guadalupe House in Lourdes. 

For further information about sponsorship, or to make a donation or memorial, call us at (315) 476-0026.