Guadalupe House

An American Oasis of Hospitality Coming to Lourdes

Our original dream for a home in Lourdes has remained constant for twenty years. In 2003, our first priest-chaplain immediately realized the need for an office and consistent home for our pilgrimages and volunteers in service with the Sanctuary in Lourdes, saying:

“Even Superman has a phone booth…”

A permanent place in Lourdes is needed for an efficient Association office, to guarantee and provide volunteer accommodations for our pilgrimages serving the seriously ill, sick and in service to the Sanctuary, in addition to retreat pilgrimages for families, seminarians, clergy, religious and private laity retreats for post-abortive, post abuse and trauma, grief, in addition to youth catechesis in service and university students.

Lourdes Volunteers will further fulfill its mission in its charism by offering housing and amenities in Lourdes in a family-like setting with American comforts and amenities (scrambled eggs breakfast!).

Guadalupe House will be the greatly needed “American oasis of hospitality in Lourdes.”

We invite you to explore the pages below to learn more about our dream for our unique home.


Why Guadalupe House?




How YOU Can Help

Matching funds available for Guadalupe House up to $225,000 until February 11, 2024!


$9,227 of $225,000 received