Who We Are

We are the first Lourdes Hospitality of the Americas and the first Hospitality outside Europe. We bring the seriously ill and disabled to Lourdes, France and serve the Sanctuary as volunteers. We evangelize through the Gospel Message of Lourdes sharing the grace of pilgrimage through Virtual Pilgrimage experiences to those unlikely or unable to make the physical journey to Europe.  

We are volunteers, laity, clergy and religious, who lovingly serve the Immaculate Conception and her pilgrims both in the Sanctuary at France and back at home through living and sharing the Gospel Message of Lourdes. We are members of a Catholic Association united in prayer, evangelization and service within a charism of family centered in love reaching the sick and suffering, the poor and unloved.

Our Mission

To extend the invitation of the Immaculate Conception as given to Bernadette in the Grotto at Lourdes; to serve the sick and suffering at Lourdes and at home following the loving example of St. Bernadette in simplicity, humility and obedience.

As members, we take an oath and offer our service:

In prayer at home, through the Rosary, at Mass, at Adoration or in sacrifice and suffering

By assisting others as companions, caregivers, housekeepers and as medical professionals

As volunteers at the Sanctuaries in the Baths, the Accueils, at the trains and at ceremonies

Evangelizing through Virtual Pilgrimage, bringing Lourdes to those who cannot journey to France

In loving each person as Christ, caring for them as Mary would care for Jesus

Making the mission possible as volunteers, donors, benefactors, sponsors and supporters

We extend the invitation to prayer, to penance and to come in procession:

Through Virtual Pilgrimages Experiences in parishes, schools, prisons and more…

Sharing the Message of Lourdes through media appearances, social media and public speaking

Bringing the seriously ill and profoundly handicapped to Lourdes with Medical Volunteers

Offering volunteer service opportunities for youth and adults caring for the sick on pilgrimage

Serving as volunteers with the Hospitalité Notre-Dame de Lourdes at the Sanctuaries in France

Join Us

Please read our oath and prayerfully discern if you are able to make a commitment to pray with us, or serve with us at Lourdes or at home.

Proud member of the Coalition of Eucharistic and Marian Apostolates since 2020.