Our Insignia

The insignia colors are of the dress and mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas.  The Association sacred sign is surrounded by a gold ring inscribed with our name to symbolize the Sacrament of Marriage representing our charism of Love as family.

The M represents Mary, the Mother of God, surmounted by the Cross symbolizing to Jesus through Mary, in the imagery of the Miraculous Medal, “O Mary conceived without sin…”

The V within the M represents the Virgo Mariaour model, the Virgin Mary and signifies the center of our charism, LOVE, as we are to care for each person as Christ, as His mother would care for Jesus.

The V is highlighted to represent we are volunteers who are in the service of Our Lady and her pilgrims at Lourdes.

The three golden stars represent the Blessed Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, symbolizing the obedience, humility and simplicity in which we are to offer our volunteer service.

The three wavy lines signify the heavenly gift of water at Lourdes in remembrance of our Baptismal promises and to wash of the water as Our Lady requested, in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

The French fleur-de-lys is the French stylized iris representation of the Immaculate Conception who appeared in the Grotto.

The keys of the St. Peter, Hospitalité Notre-Dame de Lourdes patron, represents our allegiance to the Teaching Magisterium of Holy Mother Church and the Holy Father, his successor.

St. Bernadette, our example, is humbly absent as she directs us to “be sure to leave the room before we could be thanked” so as to be thanked in Heaven, for every good thing we do is a grace.