Renovation Plans and Construction Oversight

Guadalupe House Team

  • Fr. Robert Hyde, Jr., JCL, Spiritual Director
  • Marlene Watkins, Project Director
  • Barry Vaugn, Business Manager
  • Jim Kernell, Esq., Treasurer
  • Pierre Cassou, Architect-Maître d’Oeuvre
  • Sébastien Maysounave, Maître d’Ouvrage

Construction and Design Advisors

  • Peter and Pamela Donohoe
  • Lee and Dr. Linda Satterlee
  • Jean et Gwen de Fontaines
  • Jan and Craig Bernard
  • Kevin Piatt

Planning and Development

  • Majel Braden
  • Nancy Pease
  • Dr. Belen Tan
  • Edwin and Charo Rojas


An architect with extensive experience with historic homes in Lourdes has been contracted. M. Pierre Cassou, with input from the Guadalupe House Committee, has drawn detailed renovation plans for the exterior, interior, grounds, building mechanicals and all key features of the buildings and property. An impressive team of American and French volunteers with needed skills and talents are committed to personally oversee the construction work to ensure all is completed according to the plans.

Cost Breakdown for Guadalupe House Renovation Project

Current Budget (in U.S. Dollars)

  • Guadalupe House Renovation: $411,950
  • San Juan Diego: $76,505
  • Guadalupe House Kitchen: $58,850
  • Perimeter Security (bollards and gates): $23,540
  • Security System: $11,770
  • Maintenance/Occupancy/Operating 3 yrs.: $52,965
  • Furnishings: $64,735
  • Total: $700,315

Timeline, Drawings, Details and Designs

Detailed design plans have been drawn up to specify to the artisans/craftspeople who will do the work.

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