Become a Virtual Pilgrimage Host

To Arrange a Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™ — Now Available in Spanish!

Arranging to host a Virtual Pilgrimage at your parish or school is easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Pray! A spontaneous prayer or just one Hail Mary can make all the difference!
  2. Call us! We will speak with you by phone and will mail or email you a packet of information.
  3. Ask your priest or principal about bringing Lourdes to your parish or school with our printed materials.

To contact our Virtual Pilgrimage Director, please e-mail or call:

Our Virtual Pilgrimage team will assist you through every step of the process to host a Virtual Pilgrimage.

Time is needed for planning a sacred and successful Virtual Pilgrimage; approximately 6 weeks to 3 months or one year in advance, depending on a suitable day on your parish spiritual events calendar and the availability of our trained Sanctuaries Guides.


The following Questions & Answers may help you with your questions.

What is the process for having a Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™ at my parish?

  • Contact the Virtual Pilgrimage Director at  or (845) 518-8490.
  • Tell us where you are located, your name, address, phone and e-mail, and the best way to contact you.
  • You will receive information on Virtual Pilgrimage and about North American Lourdes Volunteers. This information should be reviewed and shared with your Pastor.

Who is usually involved in the planning process?

  • Getting permission from your parish Pastor or Principal is the vital first step to host a Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™ in your parish or school.
  • One contact person must be willing to be the host to plan and facilitate with the Virtual Pilgrimage team.
  • The contact person may want to form a committee to share the necessary volunteer tasks, including promoting and advertising the Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™ and to recruit volunteers to help.

How much does a Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™ cost?

Lourdes Volunteers never charges a fee for sharing the Lourdes Message; we do ask attending “Pilgrims” to make a generous free-will offering which pay for our travel, printed materials and the shipment of Lourdes Water from the Grotto Spring to our home office in Syracuse, NY, and to your location.

How much time in advance is needed in order to prepare my parish for a Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™?

So much depends on where your parish is located and where we are in our planning schedule.  Usually, at least 6 weeks to 3 months or one year in advance for a well-planned Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™.  However, sometimes, we can respond to a spontaneous request in a location where we are present.

For correctional institutions, we are usually hosted by your local prison ministry or Deacon.  Advance time is required for our Virtual Pilgrimage Guide identification pre-approval for prison/jail/penitentiary or juvenile detention center visitor entry system.

When do you offer Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™  during the year?

Virtual Pilgrimages usually take place from January through May or September through early December, dependent upon the Liturgical Calendar.  Occasionally, we can offer Virtual Pilgrimages around August 15.

Is the Bishop of my Diocese informed about Lourdes Volunteers coming to my parish?

Lourdes Volunteers offers Virtual Pilgrimage in a diocese with the permission of that Bishop.  A letter of request and endorsement from the Bishop of the Syracuse Diocese is sent to each Diocese where Virtual Pilgrimages are to take place.

Do you share Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experience™ in schools?  Is it geared to specific grade levels?

We often share the Message of Lourdes with grade schools, high schools and universities.  The experience is geared to each specific grade and age level.

Often, we share in the local Catholic schools in the day time and present to the parish in the evening.

Where else are Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage Experiences™  given?

Besides parishes and schools, we share the Message of Lourdes in prisons, hospices, nursing homes and at universities, conferences, to various organizations and potential volunteer groups.