Volunteer Service Pilgrimages

Volunteer Service Pilgrimages 2024

Advance Team volunteers support every aspect of our Supportive Care Pilgrimages by arriving before and departing after to lovingly attend to the needs of our special needs pilgrims throughout their stay in Lourdes. 

St. Damien Volunteer Service Pilgrimage – June 14-24, 2024 | 10 days/9 nights

Departure City – New York JFK – $3,349

St. Noel Volunteer Service Pilgrimage – October 4-14, 2024 | 10 days/9 nights

Departure City – New York JFK – $3,199

Lourdes Sanctuary

Why come with us?

It is our blessing to join pilgrims on their journey to Lourdes and to pray with them in the Grotto. Celebrating 22 years in service, we continue to accompany volunteer service pilgrimages to support Our Lady’s pilgrims when journeying to the Grotto. Our pilgrimages are accompanied by Catholic priests and leaders faithful to the Church. It is our privilege to assist volunteers in preparation, in travel and on a transformative life-changing journey to the Grotto bringing healing not only to those they serve but for themselves for many  years to come. 

Pilgrimage Highlights

  • Daily Mass, Grotto Mass and International Mass
  • Candlelight Rosary and Eucharistic Processions
  • Opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Visit to the Piscines (Baths) – the Baths are open limited hours, but immersion into the tub is not available at this time. Families can enter together, remain clothed, and experience the “Gesture of Water” in guided prayer, similar to Bernadette during the 9th apparition with Lourdes Water poured over the hands for personal use.
  • Tours of the Sanctuary and town of Lourdes
  • Form life-long friendships as you grow in faith in service to Our Lady and her pilgrims.

What’s Included



Round trip flights from departure city through Paris- CDG Airport to Pau PUF

Bus Transport

Private transport from Pau Airport to Lourdes


Lourdes: Shared Sanctuary housing


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Pilgrimage Chaplain

Catholic priest(s) will accompany the pilgrimage; Mass daily, available for spiritual direction, Sacramental Confession, and Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.


Experienced Pilgrimage Leaders to guide travel and scheduled activities.

Not Included

Travel from your home city to departure city airport 

Mandatory travel/medical insurance

Payments, Cancellations and Terms

Read full 2024 Terms and Conditions.

St. Damien June 14-24, 2024

$1,000 deposit due upon reservation

Seats filled on a first come first serve basis

March 1, 2024 – final application deadline

March 6, 2024 – final payment due

$500 Cancellation fee through March 5, 2024

All payments are non-refundable after March 6, 2024

St. Noel October 4-14, 2024

$1,000 deposit due upon reservation

Seats filled on a first come first serve basis

June 21, 2024 – final application deadline

June 26, 2024 – final payment is due

$500 Cancellation fee through June 25, 2024

All payments are non-refundable after June 26, 2024

Experience Our Lady’s Love in Lourdes

We ask our volunteers to serve when and where as needed! Assignments are subject to change based on the needs of the pilgrimage. Volunteers must be fit for duty!


A clean and tidy space sets the tone for the whole pilgrimage. Housekeeping includes making beds and cleaning the bathrooms and floors.


Transportation Service

Hands-on support with wheelchair service and other transportation needs for all outings. This service requires bending and lifting.


Hospitality & Dining Room Service

Meal service including set up, serving and clean up. Welcome and assist pilgrims on arrival and departure. Provide all that is needed for a comfortable stay in Lourdes.

Get Started

Next steps to plan your journey

1. Read; before starting our online application process, please read our 2024 Terms and Conditions.

2. Apply: complete our application and health information form. This will take you 20-30 minutes, so plan accordingly.

Please have the following checklist prepared to apply. Incomplete information could delay your application process!

  • Image of passport to upload

  • Image of medical license to upload (medical professioanls only)

  • Delta SkyMiles number (if applicable)

  • Medication list

  • Physician and Emergency contact phone/fax numbers

  • Complete contact information for your diocesan reference (1st year volunteers only)

  • Shirt Size

3. Application interview/placement and make $1,000 deposit to reserve your seat!

4. Finalize all registration requirements, travel logistics and final payment. 

5. Pray, pack and go! 

Accommodations and Flight Information 

Pilgrimage Accommodations

We stay together in humble dormitory style housing inside the Sanctuary called the Hospitalet. The Hospitalet is adjacent to the Accueil Notre Dame where the youth will serve our supportive care pilgrimage.  Chapel and breakfast room on site. Wifi is available. Private showers and toilets are available in each room. 

Breakfast will be eaten at the Hospitalet while lunch and dinner are eaten at the volunteer cafeteria, the St. Michel.

14 June 2024 – Outbound Flight Itinerary

Depart: 4:30 PM Air France Flight #001 New York JFK International Airport 1

Arrive: 5:50 AM Paris-CDG Airport Terminal 2E (June 15)

2 hour 20 minute transfer time from Terminal 2E to Terminal 2G

Depart: 8:10 AM Air France Flight # 7490 Paris CDG Airport Terminal 2G

Arrive: 9:40 AM Pau-PUF Airport

24 June 2024 – Return Flight Itinerary

Depart: 7:05 AM Air France Flight # 7495 Pau PUF Airport

Arrive: 8:35 AM Paris – CDG Airport Terminal 2G

 4 hour 55 minute transfer time from Terminal 2G to Terminal 2E

Depart: 1:30 PM Air France # 006 Paris-CDG Airport Terminal 2E

Arrive: 3:45 PM New York JFK International Airport 1


4 October 2024 – Outbound Flight Itinerary

Depart: 6:30 PM Air France Flight #005 New York JFK International Airport 1

Arrive: 8:05 AM Paris-CDG Airport Terminal 2E (October 5)

4 hour 40 minute transfer time from Terminal 2E to Terminal 2G

Depart: 12:45 PM Air France Flight # 7496 Paris CDG Airport Terminal 2G

Arrive: 2:15 PM Pau-PUF Airport

14 October 2024 – Return Flight Itinerary

Depart: 7:05 AM Air France Flight # 7495 Pau PUF Airport

Arrive: 8:35 AM Paris – CDG Airport Terminal 2G

2 hour 55 minute transfer time from Terminal 2G to Terminal 2E

Depart: 11:30 AM Delta # 263 Paris-CDG Airport Terminal 2E

Arrive: 1:50 PM New York JFK International Airport 4

Delta Airlines and Air France are Sky Team partners. It is highly recommended ALL connecting travel to JFK be on Delta Airlines flights. IF YOU CHOOSE another carrier and do not arrive to JFK on time for your group flight, Air France will not be obligated to assist you to another flight to Paris.

Please allow at least 3 HOURS OR MORE to arrive in JFK prior to international departure.

Please allow at least 3 HOURS OR MORE to depart for your connecting flight home upon return.


We suggest you join Delta SkyMiles frequent flier program earning miles. Sign up through Delta Airlines. Only a SkyMiles number can be provided to the group desk before travel. You earn miles on fares based on a percentage of the distance flown on your flight. The percentage is determined by the fare of your ticket. Other Sky Team frequent flier numbers must be presented at check-in. Please provide your SkyMiles number to our office when completing the application. 

Dress Code, Pilgrimage Expectations and Behavior

Our dress code ensures a reverent and unified look at the Sanctuary and helps to maintain the respect Our Lady deserves in the Grotto.  Modesty is most important and appropriate in the holy places where we will spend most of our time.  The European standard of dress is more formal than the casual dress of the United States. Inappropriate dress is not acceptable in Catholic sites throughout Europe and is strictly enforced.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the spirit of Lourdes by following our dress code to better serve each other, Our Lady and her pilgrims in Lourdes.

Pilgrims and lay volunteers wear casual, comfortable clothing.

Physicians wear a white lab coat.

Nurses wear a white nurse dress uniform for daily service.

Advance Team volunteers wear a uniform shirt, blouse or collared shirt (no t-shirts) with solid color, preferably dark pants or skirt. No jeans or shorts allowed during service.

All volunteers are to be neat, clean and presentable at all times.

Mobility, flexibility, comfort and modesty are important in volunteer clothing choices.

Upon placement, the dress code for your specific service will be reviewed with you.

PILGRIMAGE EXPECTATIONS in the “Spirit of Lourdes”
Lourdes is a holy place. A place where miracles happen in an atmosphere of prayer. The opening words of the invitation of Our Lady to Bernadette in the Grotto, “would you be so kind as to come here . . .” give us the “Spirit of Lourdes” and Bernadette’s docile and joyful response provides the example for our behavior to serve pilgrims at Lourdes, serving each person as Christ.
To best serve Our Lady, her pilgrims and each other on pilgrimage to Lourdes, we expect each soul to adhere to the following expectations for behavior.

Center my behavior in the teaching of the Catholic Church and take seriously my responsibilities as a volunteer and pilgrim.

Humbly take direction from the leadership team, directors, and those in authority over me.

Be an example of Christ-like love and Marian modesty.

Follow the schedule, be punctual, and participate in all activities, meetings, and volunteer service.

Embrace every person as a fellow pilgrim, respecting that Christ lives in and loves each of us.

Offer charitable assistance to the sick with compassion, caring for individuals with respect and generosity.

Respect the confidentiality of everyone on pilgrimage.

Limit the use of technology as to disengage from our normal activities, to be fully present, and focus on the lessons of Lourdes.

All souls must accept responsibility for their actions. If anyone should fail in any serious way, he or she agrees to accept any consequences and make an honest effort to correct the unacceptable behavior. Understand that should behavior be found unacceptable, you may be required to depart early from the pilgrimage at your own expense.

Daily Itinerary available closer to departure.