Lourdes Lessons Pandemic Series

Lourdes Lessons: The Pandemic Series

This engaging 5-part series explores grief and bereavement especially at a time of worldwide pandemic through the lens of Lourdes.

Lourdes Lessons

This special series was produced, directed and filmed by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers. We are grateful to the volunteers that donated their time and talent to make this possible, the donors that supported the costs and EWTN for sharing this series with their faithful audience.

We are blessed to have taken this time of restricted travel to find new ways to share the Message the Lourdes. Television, radio and internet broadcasting of programs has allowed us to bring healing and comfort to so many with during the pandemic.

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We have 2 more special projects currently in production. Stay tuned for the next series!

In Case You Missed It!

The recording is available below and also on our YouTube channel North American Lourdes Volunteers for those that could not watch live, want to watch again or to share with others!



Mrs. Marlene Watkins, OFS

Foundress Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers


Father Sean Grismer, STL

Associate Pastor, St Bridget Catholic Church, Loves Park, IL

Dr. Majel Braden, Ed.D

Bereavement and Trauma Specialist

This series explores the profound suffering and grief caused by the global pandemic through the lens of Lourdes and explores how to find hope, leading to restorative physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Each topic is examined in detail through a prayerful and engaging conversation between our three friendly and animated subject matter experts.   Insights and practical suggestions are provided based on our Catholic faith, lessons from Lourdes and knowledge from the field of grief and trauma counseling.

Episode 1 - Hope in Bereavement (premiered August 9th)

Bereavement is deep sorrow caused by the physical death of a loved one.  This episode explores the bereavement felt by families, health care workers and communities during the pandemic, finding hope and consolation in our faith and through the lens of Lourdes.  Practical suggestions are offered for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Episode 2 - Holy Grieving (premieres Tuesday, August 10th)

Grief is sadness caused due to any loss such as of a person, relationship, job, home etc.  The pandemic has caused and is still causing widespread grief and loss.  This episode looks at how to turn this grief into holy grieving, in which we courageously reach out to our Lord in prayer, become more singularly focused on God, and in the process become stronger and closer to Him.   

Episode 3 - Faith Through Tragedy (premieres Wednesday, August 11th)

A tragedy causes us to experience trauma.  Trauma is the harm caused by an event that is life-threatening.  Trauma can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  This episode discusses the trauma of the pandemic but also addresses the trauma of suicide, abortion, murder, crime, abuse and other life-threatening events.  At the heart of spiritual trauma is usually a lie about ourselves or God that does not come from God.  Our Lady of Lourdes, our perfect Mother in heaven, in bringing us to her Son, offers us safety, peace, relief and a holy refuge for our faith, even through tragedy and trauma.

Episode 4 - Restoration and Grace Through Burnout (premieres Thursday, August 12th)

Burnout is when we’ve given everything we have and there’s “nothing left in the tank.”  During the pandemic, many people were forced into extended lengths of caregiving, home schooling and other tasks, often performed in relative isolation, that has caused massive amounts of burnout.  This episode offers practical solutions for achieving physical, emotional and spiritual restoration. 

Episode 5- Healing From Pandemic Suffering (premiered Friday, August 13th)

This episode acknowledges that the world has just been through a long “Lent.”  Suffering has always been a part of life but during the pandemic it has occurred at an intense, global level.  Jesus tells us “I am the Light of the world.”  In Him on the cross we find joy and consolation amidst the darkness of suffering.  The pandemic has brought the world to its knees.  The message of Lourdes is penance, penance, penance.  Our hearts are, perhaps now more than ever, open and in need of our Lord’s healing grace.  Now is the perfect time to reach out to others in friendship, love and evangelization so that they may experience the healing balm of God’s love.  

Filmed in March 2021 in San Antonio, Texas by Franz Chenet and Mike Schocker.

Premiered on EWTN August 9th to 13th, 2021.