My Lourdes Faith Journey

My Lourdes Faith Journey 

Hear from individuals how their life-changing experience on pilgrimage with North American Lourdes Volunteers to the Grotto in Lourdes, France continues to inspire peace and healing years later.

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Episode 10- Earl

Little did New Orleans native Earl Jones realize that a promise to look after his neighbor’s mother over the weekend would turn into a fight for his life with one of the deadliest hurricanes in history.  A desperate calling out in faith from the midst of the storm leads to surprising help from a heavenly friend.

Episode 11- Theresa and Kevin

Physical Therapist Theresa is moved with love to adopt Jeremy, a severely handicapped patient she treated in foster care.  Accompany Theresa, Kevin and their children on this journey of faith through challenges and doubt to unconditional love and the joy of family.       

Episode 12 - Brian

An Army officer and physician, Brian loses his only son in a tragic car crash then gets deployed to Afghanistan.  Forced to deal with multiple traumas simultaneously, Brian shares how an encounter with Our Lady of Lourdes in the Grotto changed his life and brought light into the darkness of suffering.

Episode 13 - Tony and Sandi

Tony and Sandi talk about their courageous daughter Andrea, called to go to Lourdes in the final stages of her battle with Leukemia.  There she received the gift of “love without measure,” resulting in many souls being able to travel to Lourdes through “Andrea’s Wish.”

Episode 14 - Linda

Born at a tiny 2 pounds, there was little hope Linda would survive.  But under the foster care of a special couple, she began to thrive.  Over time she learns the true story of her birth.  Many traumas follow during her lifetime.  A pilgrimage to Lourdes and reversion to Catholicism change her life.

This special series was produced, directed and filmed by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers. We are grateful to the volunteers that donated their time and talent to make this possible, the donors that supported the costs and EWTN for sharing this series with their faithful audience.

We are blessed to have taken this time of restricted travel to find new ways to share the Message the Lourdes. Television, radio and internet broadcasting of programs has allowed us to bring healing and comfort to so many with during the pandemic.

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Episode 1 - Alley

Alley recounts her annual youth volunteer Lourdes experiences helping her to find healing, faith and peace. Converted through adoption, molested by a neighbor and suffering her mother’s mental distress, Alley discovered the grace to navigate throughout these difficulties add more deepening her faith with the intercession of her Heavenly Mother in the Grotto. 

Episode 2 - Lindsey

See the Covid-19 pandemic through the eyes of a nurse at the Lourdes Shrine. Lindsey Mooney gives hopes and consolation to those who have lost loved ones and those who experience the hardships of the disease themselves.

Episode 3 - Deacon Dan

Deacon Dan Revetto talks about his experiences at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in France, and how his calling to the deaconate has been enhanced by the people he has met and the experiences he has had while serving in Lourdes.

Episode 4 - Sheena

Sheena Lange is a pilgrimage volunteer who suffered an involuntary abortion as a teenager. She talks about her work at the Lourdes Shrine, and how seeing the transformation in others has aided in her own healing.

Episode 5 - Jamie

Meet Jamie, diagnosed a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy from birth, confined to a wheelchair, who has been to Lourdes 17 times!  He has helped make international air travel more accessible by being a “rough rider” and founding the Special Needs Advisory Committee for Lourdes Volunteers.  Yet, the most impressive thing about Jamie is the amazing gift of faith he received through Our Lady of Lourdes.

Episode 6 - Theresa and George

Upon experiencing the tragic loss of her first husband, Theresa went to Lourdes to serve others.  She found not only inner peace and healing, but met her soulmate and future husband George, a dedicated Lourdes volunteer from Ireland living in the UK.  The couple shares the unlikely story of how their mutual service in Lourdes and dedication to Our Lady brought them to a beautiful new life together.

Episode 7 - Noah

Born, as he explains, into a loving yet “pagan” family, without knowledge of God or scripture, Noah shares his faith journey of discovering Jesus Christ and becoming a Protestant pastor.  His mystical encounter with St. Bernadette, led to his becoming a Catholic, and now an EWTN Theologian.  Noah shares his special relationship with St. Bernadette and how she became his spiritual “personal trainer.”

Episode 8- Majel

Majel relates how she and her children volunteered on the first Lourdes Volunteers Youth Pilgrimage and the profound impact it had on the lives of their entire family.  Majel shares the deep faith of her late husband, Colonel David Braden, Lourdes Volunteers Board President for 10 years, and the many gifts of faith he left as a legacy.  Discussion includes the Apostolic Pardon and Consecrated Widows / Women.

Episode 9 - Chrissy

“Chrissy,” as friends know her, was diagnosed with ALS, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2002.  With no treatment or cure and an average life expectancy of three years after diagnosis, her outlook was bleak.  Chrissy shares the true story of her healing during the Consecration of the host at Mass by Pope Benedict XVI, who was in Lourdes celebrating the 150th anniversary of Our Lady’s first appearance.

Filmed in 2021 in May in San Antonio, Texas by Franz Chenet and Mike Schocker.

Hosted by:


Mrs. Marlene Watkins, OFS

Foundress Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers


Father Sean Grismer, STL

Associate Pastor, St Bridget Catholic Church, Loves Park, IL