My Lourdes Faith Journey

My Lourdes Faith Journey 

This special series is produced, directed and filmed by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers and graciously aired by EWTN.

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Episode 1- Alley

Pilgrimage volunteer Alley Marrow recounts how her Lourdes experience has helped her heal from the anger she suffered because of sexual molestation, the loss of a parent, and the loss of a child during pregnancy.

Aired on EWTN December 6, 2021

Episode 2- Nurse Lindsey

See the COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of a nurse at the Lourdes shrine. Lindsey Mooney gives hope and consolation to those who have lost loved ones and those who experienced the hardships of the disease themselves.

Aired on EWTN December 7, 2021

Episode 3- Deacon Dan

Lourdes Pilgrimage Deacon, Dan Revetto talks about his experience at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in France, and how his calling to the Deaconate has been enhanced by the people he’s met and experiences he;s had there.

Aired on EWTN December 8, 2021

Episode 4- Sheena

Sheena Lange is a pilgrimage volunteer who suffered an involuntary abortion as a teenageer. She talks about her work at the Lourdes Shrine, and how seeing the transformation in others has aided in her own healing.

Aired on EWTN December 9, 2021

Episode 5- Jamie Jensen

Follow the amazing faith journey of Jamie Jensen. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, this quadriplegic has been to Lourdes 17 times despite being confined to a wheelchair. Learn about the gift of faith he received.

Aired on EWTN February 7, 2022

Episode 6- Theresa & George

Miracles happen in unexpected ways. After experiencing the tragic loss of her first husband, Theresa went to Lourdes to serve others. There she found inner peace and met her soulmate, George, another Lourdes Volunteer.

Aired on EWTN February 8, 2022

Episode 7- Noah Lett

The amazing faith journey of Noah Lett is profiled. Born into a loving yet “pagan” family, he discovered Jesus and became a Protestant pastor. A mystical encounter with St. Bernadette led to his becoming a Catholic. 

Aired on EWTN February 9, 2022

Episode 8- Majel

Majel talks about the deep faith of her late husband, and the many gifts he left as a legacy. She recounts her experiences on the Lourdes Volunteers Youth Pilgrimage and the profound impact it had on her entire family. 

Aired on EWTN February 10, 2022

Episode 9- Christine Marro

Diagnosed with ALS, the outlook for Christine Marro was bleak. But a visit to Lourdes during the 150th anniversary of Our Lady’s first appearance changed Chrissy’s life. Hear the true story of her miraculous healing.

Aired on EWTN February 11, 2022

Episode 10- Earl Jones

The amazing faith journey of Noah Lett is profiled. Born into a loving yet “pagan” family, he discovered Jesus and became a Protestant pastor. A mystical encounter with St. Bernadette led to his becoming a Catholic.

Aired on EWTN July 11, 2022

Episode 11- Theresa & Kevin

A physical therapist adopts a severely handicapped patient she treated in foster care. Join them on this journey of faith through challenges and doubt, as they discover unconditional love and the joy of family.

Aired on EWTN July 12, 2022

Episode 12- Brian Weber

Brian Weber lost his only son in a car crash before getting deployed to Afghanistan. He shares how an encounter with Our Lady of Lourdes in the Grotto changed his life and brought light into the darkness of suffering.

Aired on EWTN July 13, 2022

Episode 13- Tony and Sandi

Tony and Sandy Bartolomeo remember their daughter Andrea, who received the gift of “love without measure” at Lourdes in her battle with leukemia. Many souls have since traveled to Lourdes through “Andrea’s Wish.”

Aired on EWTN July 14, 2022

Episode 14- Linda

Born at a tiny two pounds, there was little hope Linda would survive. But she began to thrive under the foster care of a special couple, and despite many traumas, a Lourdes pilgrimage and Catholicism changed her life.

Aired on EWTN July 15, 2022

Episode 15- Guardian of the Grotto: Bishop Jean-Marc Micas, PSS

His Excellency Jean-Marc Micas, Bishop of Lourdes, shares his insights on the significance of Catholicism’s most revered shrine, and reveals a special objective of his mission in Lourdes.

Aired on EWTN July 10, 2023

Episode 16- Hidden Treasures of the Lourdes Archives

Explore the Lourdes Archives and see the actual rock on which the feet of the Mother of God stood, letters by St. Bernadette written by her own hand, and other fascinating Lourdes treasures rarely seen by the public.

Aired on EWTN July 11, 2023

Episode 17- Lourdes Home for the Visiting Sick: The Accueil Notre Dame

Visit the unique place of welcome for the sick and their volunteer medical support teams at Lourdes, and see how this special facility enables them to travel and have a comfortable and spiritually fulfilling experience.

Aired on EWTN July 12, 2023

Episode 18- In the Footsteps of St. Bernadette: Nevers, France, Pt. 1

What happened to Bernadette after Our Lady appeared to her at the Lourdes Grotto? Discover where and how she lived as we trace her footsteps, from entering the convent in Nevers to her assignment, service and death.

Airen on EWTN July 13, 2023

Episode 19- In the Footsteps of St. Bernadette : Nevers, France, Pt. 2

Our look at St. Bernadette continues following her death in the St. Croix Infirmary. The Sisters of Charity have granted unprecedented access to their files, including stunning footage of the saint’s incorrupt body.

Aired on EWTN July 14, 2023

This special series was produced, directed and filmed by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers. Fifteen episodes have aired on EWTN Television in 2021 and 2022. We are grateful to the volunteers that donated their time and talent to make this possible, the donors that supported the costs and EWTN for sharing this series with their faithful audience.

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