What is a Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place.


A pilgrimage is an opportunity to leave behind the every-day to discover God in everything, to grow closer to God, to discover your faith and to meet the faithful.

A pilgrim is a person on a pilgrimage.

People do not need to be holy to go on a pilgrimage — they go on a pilgrimage and grow in holiness.

The purpose of pilgrimage is to grow in faith while on a spiritual journey to a holy place. The experience of pilgrimage reminds us that we are in exile in this life only created to be with God for eternity. Taking time from our everyday life and routine to seek God, we can meet Him in each person and every encounter along the way, embracing opportunities to grow in holiness.

At Lourdes Volunteers, we make a Promise of Joy when we embark on the pilgrimage and every day.

Pilgrim Promise of Joy

O God, Thank You for calling me
on this spiritual journey to know You more fully.
I promise to embrace with joy
all that You present to me on this pilgrimage.
Bless me to be patient, compassionate
and loving as I meet You in others.

O God, give me the grace
to welcome the unexpected,
to see Your blessing in every moment and
to be awed by holiness wherever encountered.
Please renew me to return home refreshed
and transformed in You. Amen.

Bernadette said she felt a mysterious pull to go to the Grotto.  If you are feeling an “inexplicable pull” to go to Lourdes, surely Our Lady has placed this most beautiful desire in your heart.  

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