St. Bernadette Relic Tour USA

St. Bernadette begins her 2 month tour in the U.K this September through November! Twenty-two dioceses in England will host the relics this fall! What a blessing!

We are so grateful to have had the honor in welcoming St. Bernadette on her relic pilgrimage for the first time ever in the United States! We had the privilege to host St. Bernadette in our home Diocese of Syracuse, NY in May! It was an unforgettable weekend. See highlights here.

St. Bernadette Relic Tour

On April 4 2022, St. Bernadette’s reliquary begins a journey to America for the first time ever. Her relics will be venerated in over 30 cities across the United States. The relic visit begins in Miami, winds through the country for 4 months and concludes in Los Angeles on August 4. The Vatican has granted a plenary indulgence for those visiting the relics during the tour and meeting the usual conditions. 

We are privileged to have been part of the planning with the Sanctuary of Lourdes to bring St. Bernadette to as many dioceses and faithful as possible. It is an extraordinary opportunity to discover Lourdes, pray with St. Bernadette, follow her example of holiness and to allow God to increase our own faith.

From the Handmaid of the Lord

The veneration of St. Bernadette’s relics is all about faith. We thank God for the faith of His saint as we reflect on and learn more about the saint’s faith. St. Bernadette invites us to pray. We pray that God will renew and increase faith in us. Relics are honored only to honor the holiness of God. 


St. Bernadette relic tour USA

Photo courtesy of Sanctuary of Lourdes, Pierre Vincent. Do not reproduce without written authorization, do not use for commercial purposes.

A Special Thank You

We extend a special thank you to our foundress, Marlene Watkins. Her love of St. Bernadette and desire to bring healing to the suffering of our country prompted her to ask the Sanctuary several years ago if it would be possible for the relics of our favorite saint to visit the USA during our Apostolate’s 20th anniversary year.  This year on July 16th, we are blessed to celebrate that anniversary.  And thanks to the Sanctuary of Lourdes, in partnership with the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Hospitalité de Miami, this is now happening!

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Follow St. Bernadette to the Grotto!

Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage ExperiencesTM will be offered in many of the parishes that will host the relics. This prayerful in-person experience draws pilgrims nearer to God in the company of Our Lady as they are guided through a prayerful visit to the Grotto, learning about the apparitions at Lourdes and the life of St. Bernadette. It is a truly holy encounter our Lord, Our Lady of Lourdes, and St. Bernadette.

2022 Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage ExperiencesTM Schedule


Help us to spread the word! We want as many souls as possible to experience the tremendous grace of this extraordinary visit.

Photos courtesy of Sanctuary of Lourdes, Pierre Vincent. Do not reproduce without written authorization, do not use for commercial purposes.