On Monday, November 16, all those present in Lourdes – pilgrims, volunteers, chaplains and the Sanctuary staff – united in the Grotto in a moment of silent prayer for peace.

We ask today for you to join us and our friends in Lourdes by continuing to pray for peace and healing in the world.


Message of Cardinal Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris, following the recent world events:

“This morning I pray, and invite Catholics of Paris to pray, for those who were killed yesterday and for their families, for the injured and their loved ones and for those who are hard at work assisting them, for the police forces who face formidable challenges, and for our leaders and country, so that together we will remain in unity and peace of heart…

Faced with the violence of men, may we receive the grace of a firm heart, without hatred.  May the moderation, temperance and control that has been shown so far be confirmed in the weeks and months to come; let no one indulge in panic or hatred.  We ask that grace be the artisan of peace.  We need never despair of peace if we build on justice.”