The power of God through a Saint.  The number of people drawn to The Relics of St. Bernadette was amazing.  Not just in the prayers and in the worship but in the fellowship.  I was able to give and receive hugs all day long from people I see often and from people I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I also met new people, all people answering God’s call to spend what time they could with one of His Saints.

The power of Right Praise.  A full church praising God in song and in response.  Engaged in the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  The humble service of His ordained as they each and all give of themselves for God and their flock.  My wife and I spoke to Bishop Micas telling him that it had been years since we had seen our church that full including on Christmas or Easter.  He shared with us how hard it was for him to hold back the tears as he looked over God’s people in praise during the opening song for Mass.  He is truly a humble servant of God.

The openness to God’s plan.  Displayed in the simple answering of a job ad that led two beautiful children of God to move and protect His Saint on her pilgrimage to us and so many others.  Their story will be long told by me to give a glimpse of where God can direct you.

When you need help, call on the Knights.  I enjoyed the fuzzy division of duties of the two organizations, The Knights of Columbus and The Knights of Malta.  The Knights of Columbus with their “corporal” works.  Do you need something lifted? KofC.  Do you need an honor guard? KofC.  Do you need four more people to hold torches? KofC.  Men ready to serve their church in any way needed.  The Knights of Malta with their “temporal” works gave me a day long lesson in humble, compassionate service.  Everyone who came up to offer their reverence to the Relics was given a personal moment with a Saint.  The objects brought before St. Bernadette weren’t simply placed to the reliquary, they were blessed and honored no matter what the object was (and I saw a few things that I considered odd).  There was always a warm and welcoming, heartfelt smile that was the same at 9pm as it was at 6:30am.  The “fuzzy” line I spoke of was that when the Knights of Columbus helped at the reliquary, they showed that same compassion.

The service and kindness of The North American Lourdes Volunteers.  They were always there, serving in the background helping things flow.  My wife, Kay and I experienced another moment of joy when Marlene, the founder recognized us from an evening we all spent together. She gives great hugs.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is alive and well.  All I need to say is “the line”.

My brain and my heart are still bouncing from the experience.  In the excitement that didn’t allow me to fall right asleep last night I saw one more part of God’s love for us and his care; we NEED Saints.  These men and women offer so much and draw us into a wonderful relationship with God, with the Church, and with each other.  And I have come to know that we need these Saints.  We need not only the examples of the past but to look for and see those examples in our present.  I am different today than I was two days ago. I am closer to God.