St. Juan Diego Youth Volunteer Service Pilgrimage- MIA departure

Ave Maria Parish and Donahue Academy Lourdes Youth Service Pilgrimage

June 14-24, 2024- 10 nights – Miami (MIA) departure  $3,349.00

An invitation for the youth (14-17), young adult (18-24) and chaperone volunteers of the Ave Maria Parish and Donahue Academy with Deacon Thomas Kinnick to serve in Lourdes.

Volunteers support every aspect of our Supportive Needs Pilgrimage by arriving before and departing after to lovingly serve our pilgrims throughout their stay in Lourdes.

Daily catechesis program is provided to allow youth to better understand our faith through service. We maintain a ratio of 1:4 adult chaperone to youth during training, service and all pilgrimage activities. Youth, as well as chaperones, are expected to fully participate daily in catechesis, prayer and service.


Learn, Live and Love the Message of Lourdes through service

Why come with us?

Celebrating twenty-one years of service, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers has collaborated with academic institutions and youth ministries from all over the country to create meaningful service opportunities for youth and young adults. As these volunteers serve Our Blessed Mother on pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, they embody our mission by serving the sick and disabled who travel on our supportive care pilgrimage. Youth volunteers, working alongside medical and lay volunteers of all ages, perform a variety of vital duties that include: dining and hospitality service, housekeeping, and most importantly, wheelchair assistance during all our outings. Without the efforts of this volunteer team, it would not be possible for our pilgrims to travel to the Grotto in search of the peace and healing found by pilgrims for the past 160 years.

We look forward to leading your youth on a transformative journey where they experience the fruits of self-sacrifice in service to others. This opportunity for a week of service intends to challenge and strengthen their faith, both mentally and spiritually. We seek to mold the future of our Church, in unison with our volunteers, by immersing your youth in this holy encounter. It is our prayer, that these students will live this experience in their personal lives and future careers, becoming the dedicated Christian service-minded leaders that our Catholic values inspire.

Pilgrimage Highlights

  • Daily Mass, Grotto Mass and International Mass
  • Daily catechesis for our youth to understand faith through service
  • Candlelight Rosary and Eucharistic Processions
  • Opportunity to understand and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Visit to the Piscines (Baths) – to experience the “Gesture of the Water” in guided prayer while immersion into the tub is not available at this time; volunteers can enter the curtained area, remain clothed and Lourdes water is poured over their hands as Bernadette learned in the 9th apparition to drink and wash of the water as instructed by the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Tours of the Sanctuary and town of Lourdes in the footsteps of Bernadette
  • Form life-long friendships

What’s Included

  • Flights – Round trip flights from Miami MIA through Paris CDG Airport to Pau PUF
  • Bus Transport- Private transport from Pau Airport to Lourdes
  • Accommodations- Humble dormitory-style housing at the Hospitalet
  • Meals-Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Pilgrimage Chaplain- Catholic priests accompany the pilgrimage for daily Mass, spiritual direction, Sacramental of Reconciliation, and Anointing of the Sick
  • Leader(s)-Experienced pilgrimage leaders to guide travel and scheduled activities
  • Orientation, Training, and Catechesis –leaders prepare volunteers to serve in the following ways: learning your way around the Sanctuary to be helpful to our pilgrims, understanding different aspects of service and prayer, how to approach our pilgrims, and hands-on training for our different service assignments

Not Included

  • Travel from your home to Miami-MIA International Aiport
  • Mandatory travel/medical insurance
  • Uniform Kit- drawstring backpack with a set of 8 t-shirts (specific color worn each day, tied to our catechesis and sacrament of the day): uniforms provide us with group recognition as well as modesty on the ground in Lourdes: $75 youth t-shirt uniform, $149 adult chaperone collared shirt uniform

Payments, Cancellations, Terms and Conditions

  • Application deadline January 30, 2024.
  • $1,000.00 deposit due within 48 hours of submitting your application
  • Final payment and paperwork due May 20, 2024
  • All payments are non-refundable after March 6, 2024
  • Read full 2024 Terms and Conditions

Experience Our Lady’s Love in Lourdes

We come together to serve as a Pilgrimage Family, making it possible for our special needs pilgrims and their families to come to Lourdes. Meaningful service is provided by volunteers in all aspects of our pilgrimage including but not limited to the following: 

Housekeeping Service

A clean and tidy space sets the tone for the whole pilgrimage. Housekeeping includes making beds and cleaning the bathrooms and floors.


Transportation Service

Hands-on support with wheelchair service and other transportation needs for all outings. This service requires bending and lifting.


Hospitality & Dining Room Service

Meal service including set up, serving and clean up. Welcome and assist pilgrims on arrival and departure. Provide all that is needed for a comfortable stay in Lourdes. 

Get Started

Next steps to plan your journey

1. Read; before starting our online application process, please read our 2024 Terms and Conditions

2. Apply: complete our application and health information form. This will take you 20-30 minutes, so plan accordingly.

Please have the following checklist prepared to apply. Incomplete information could delay your application process!

  • Image of passport to upload

  • Delta SkyMiles number (if applicable)

  • Medication list

  • Physician and Emergency contact phone/fax numbers

  • Complete contact information for your diocesan reference

  • Shirt size

3. Complete registration and payment: upon review and approval of your application, our team will contact you to direct the necessary steps to complete registration requirements and payment.

Accommodations, Flight Information

Pilgrimage Accommodations

We stay together in humble dormitory style housing just outside the Sanctuary called the Hospitalet. The Hospitalet is adjacent to the Accueil Notre Dame where the youth will serve our supportive care pilgrimage.  Chapel and breakfast room on site. Wifi is available. Private showers and toilets are available in each room. 

Breakfast will be eaten at the Hospitalet while lunch and dinner are eaten at the volunteer cafeteria, the St. Michel. 


14 June 2024 – Outbound Flight Itinerary

Depart: 8:20 PM Air France Flight #099 Miami MIA International Airport S

Arrive: 11:20 AM Paris-CDG Airport Terminal 2E (June 15)

1 hour 25 minute transfer time from Terminal 2E to Terminal 2G

Depart: 12:45 PM Air France Flight # 7496 Paris CDG Airport Terminal 2G

Arrive: 2:15 PM Pau-PUF Airport

24 June 2024 – Return Flight Itinerary

Depart: 10:20 AM Air France Flight # 7491 Pau PUF Airport

Arrive: 11:50 AM Paris – CDG Airport Terminal 2G

2 hour 25 minute transfer time from Terminal 2G to Terminal 2E

Depart: 2:15 PM Air France # 090 Paris-CDG Airport Terminal 2E

Arrive: 6:05 PM Miami MIA International Airport S 

Dress Code, Pilgrimage Expectations, Behavior Contract, & Reporting

Volunteers will receive 8 colored shirts by mail prior to departure. These can be worn with khaki, green, gray, black or navy pants or knee-length skirts. Reminder you are very active in your service. Inappropriate dress is not acceptable in Catholic sites throughout Europe and is strictly enforced.  Modesty is most important and appropriate in the holy places where we will spend most of our time.  The European standard of dress is more formal than the casual dress of the United States.

The following Dress Code will ensure a reverent and unified look at the Sanctuary and help to maintain the respect Our Lady deserves in the Grotto.  This code is intended to assure the dignity and modesty expected of Hospitalité and North American Volunteers.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the spirit of Lourdes by following this dress code to better serve each other, Our Lady and her pilgrims in Lourdes.  All youth volunteers are to be neat, clean and presentable at all times.

Mobility, flexibility, comfort and modesty are important in volunteer clothing choices.


Lourdes North American Volunteers shirt in designated color of the day.

Pants (no unbelted or drooping pants).  NO JEANS OR SHORTS.


Lourdes North American Volunteers shirt in designated color of the day.

Pants (NO JEANS OR SHORTS) or skirts (below the knee, not tight-fitting).

In addition to the above, all volunteers are required to wear the following during service:

Nametag worn easily visible at shoulder at all times (provided by North American Volunteers).

Hair tied back away from face.

Rubber-soled, closed-toe shoes or sneakers.


NO sleeveless tops, tank tops or tops with spaghetti straps.

NO tight, low-cut, unbuttoned, transparent or halter tops.

NO short-shorts or sweat pants.

NO tight pants, leggings, stretch pants or stirrup pants.

NO flip-flops or sandals.

NO jeans or jean shorts (denim skirts or jumpers acceptable).

NO drooping, hanging, saggy, baggy pants or clothing.

If you are in doubt or question the appropriateness of an article of clothing, let your well-informed conscience be your guide or ask your chaperone.

PILGRIMAGE EXPECTATIONS in the “Spirit of Lourdes”
Lourdes is a holy place. A place where miracles happen in an atmosphere of prayer. The opening words of the invitation of Our Lady to Bernadette in the Grotto, “would you be so kind as to come here . . .” give us the “Spirit of Lourdes” and Bernadette’s docile and joyful response provides the example for our behavior to serve pilgrims at Lourdes, serving each person as Christ.
To best serve Our Lady, her pilgrims and each other on pilgrimage to Lourdes, we expect each soul to adhere to the following expectations for behavior.

I agree to center my behavior in the teaching of the Catholic Church and take seriously my responsibilities as a volunteer and pilgrim. 

I agree to humbly take direction from the leadership team, directors, and those in authority over me. 

I agree to be an example of Christ-like love and Marian modesty.

I agree to follow the schedule, be punctual, and participate in all activities, meetings, and volunteer service. 

I will embrace every person as a fellow pilgrim, respecting that Christ lives in and loves each of us. 

I will offer charitable assistance to the sick with compassion, caring for individuals with respect and generosity. 

I will respect the confidentiality of everyone on pilgrimage.

I will limit the use of technology as to disengage from our normal activities, to be fully present, and focus on the lessons of Lourdes.

All souls must accept responsibility for their actions. If anyone should fail in any serious way, he or she agrees to accept any consequences and make an honest effort to correct the unacceptable behavior. Understand that should behavior be found unacceptable, you may be required to depart early from the pilgrimage at your own expense.


I agree to bring any concerns or problems encountered to the pilgrimage leadership team members privately, allowing problems to be charitably discussed and handled in a confidential and timely manner.  

Please become familiar with our policies. You will be asked to sign off on the above when submitting your application online.