At the urging of Monsignor Richard Shirley, the seed was planted back in 2005 for the Schulz family to visit Lourdes, France. Our first daughter, Jenna Schulz, was experiencing idiopathic seizures, that were relentless and which continue today. Our family had planned the trip back in 2006 when doctors from Driscoll Children’s Hospital were monitoring Jenna and later by Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. We had our passports ready and then the night before we were to board our transatlantic flight, Jenna had to be hospitalized for a delayed swallow reflex which resulted in aspiration. We had to cancel the trip.

Years later, after having two more children, normal concerns for raising a special needs child surfaced. As Jenna grew, critical pediatric milestones were missed. At age three, Jenna started school in Portland under the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD). PPCD helps kids to prepare for the school environment. As time passed, our worst fears were alleviated and our best hopes emerged. Today, Jenna is 14.