1. Everyone is HAPPY for us to return to travel and to France! Lots of smiles behind all of those masks!

2. Fare increases! Tickets can be more expensive. Buy early! Changes without fee, so far… full flights!

3. Paperwork is required! 6 forms to fill out: 3 to depart and 3 to return!

4. Paperwork = queues—but not exasperatingly long lines or long waiting times, so far. Allow extra time for this added new requirement.

5. Busy—but not crazy in the airports! Less flights, but Air France recently added 023 and 011. Delta has smaller aircraft and less flights—but full planes!

6. Increased Security Checks: extra baggage checks—more thorough and more in-depth searches.

7. JFK Airport: NO shuttles between T4 and T2! Air Train is the only option to get to Terminal 1 which requires walking the entire length of the HUGE Terminal 4 to exit the building to the Air Train! Delta hopes the usual shuttle will return in July.

8. Paris-CDG Airport Changes: Pau flights depart from Terminal F at this time, NOT Terminal G (which I have always joked is so far away it is in Belgium!)

9. Masks are required—sometimes more enforced than others! Signs about “compulsory” masks are posted everywhere in France and reminder of monetary fines for non-compliance are repeated throughout travel and flight in the US.

10. Any mask will do in the US, but surgical-type masks are required in France. (Air France will provide passengers a mask, if needed.)
BONUS INFO: Many concessions are closed (1/3 or more!). Some food selection is limited. Airlines and lounges are serving less with limited choices (individually wrapped).