One of the things that really stood out to me during my time in Lourdes was that through all our differences, everyone was united through Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. When you went out in the Sanctuary, there were people from all across the world speaking a bunch of different languages, yet we all prayed the same prayers together, said the rosary together, and partook in the same Mass. Everyone came together to see and feel the presence of Our Lady. Instead of feeling awkward when the volunteers at the Lourdes baths didn’t speak English or uncomfortable when the volunteers help you step into the ice-cold water,  I couldn’t help but feel completely calm and at peace as I put my intentions before Our Lady. And that sense of God’s comforting presence wasn’t only felt at the baths, or in the Grotto, but also while I served lunch to the pilgrims or climbed a steep hill to see the stations of the cross. That feeling of peace and of unity with the people around you while in Lourdes was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, and I hope to visit again.