Prayer Petitions Delivered to the Grotto
“Je n’oublierai person.” (I will not forget anyone.) —Ste. Bernadette Soubirous
In Nevers, when asked to pray for so many people, Bernadette replied that she would forget no one—and she surely keeps her word, still now!
We have been saving written prayer petitions we have received for the past 16 months. We prayerfully and carefully folded them, waited and prayed. We sent many petitions to the Grotto electronically, but the written prayer requests stacked up. God knows our hearts and needs, and as a loving, wise and attentive mother, Our Lady knows our hearts. Yet, we could not easily deliver the prayer petitions for over one year—but remained unworried… because we have been to Africa!
In 🇰🇪 Kenya a few years ago, we learned if we forget or are delayed or do not or cannot thank someone or do what was asked of us or promised by us, we are obligated to pray for the person or continue to thank the person (in our heart) until such time we are finally able to fulfill the task! So, we have prayed for your prayers! It was like a make a prayer + add our prayer special!
In the meantime, Bernadette did not forget you! Now, your prayer petitions have been prayerfully delivered to Our Lady and are safely under her gaze in the Grotto.
Thank you for the privilege to be your messenger! It was quite a special delivery!