“I was blessed to serve in Lourdes in May of 2019, at the end of my junior year of college. I served in the piscines for the entire week and I know that the graces which came from it will last me my entire life. Something that stuck out very much to me was the gratitude that the pilgrims had for those of us serving. I was able to see the joy they had when entering the piscines for the first time, a moment that some may have waited their entire lives for. While they were grateful to us for assisting them, I know that I was the lucky one for having a unique and special opportunity to do the Lord’s work in such a holy place. By the end of my pilgrimage, I not only saw the ways in which I was fortunate enough to help others, but through that I saw the countless graces that Our Lady offered to me personally. Serving in Lourdes is truly a gift from Jesus and Mary and for that, I am forever grateful!”