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Everyday Miracles of Lourdes: Media Appearances

On April 17, author Marlene Watkins was featured on EWTN Bookmark with Doug Keck to discuss Everyday Miracles of Lourdes! Watch the full interview here!

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Author Marlene Watkins has appeared on the following podcasts to discuss Everyday Miracles of Lourdes!


Marlene Watkins has made the following radio appearances to discuss Everyday Miracles of Lourdes!

The Sign of the Cross Is More Powerful Than You Imagine, Says St. Bernadette

Catholics often make the Sign of the Cross. We make the familiar motion of our childhood or entry into the Church by repeating the words at the holy water font, before and after prayer, or passing by a cemetery.

Over time, this gesture can become habitual. Soon, our hand motions can quicken into a circular gesture, more like a symbol of eternity than the Cross that gets us there. The Sign of the Cross is not just what we do before and after a prayer — it is a prayer! St. Bernadette said that if we were to pray this prayer well, we could go to Heaven.

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