Years ago, a friend from my parish asked me to be a companion for her Mom at Lourdes. I took that offer as a call from Our Mother Mary. Why?  I had just started a new job and was able to ask for those days off, which my new boss supported. These things, plus my bath in the Piscines sparked a desire within me to be an instrument in the hand of Our Mother to serve. My favorite aspect of service, as a Hospitalière in St. Jean Baptist service, is witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit helping us in the Piscines. Among all the different languages and different cultures, we help people in the Baths, and they come out so happy and bright.

Lourdes is a very holy place that God gave us through his Mother to teach us how to be humble, caring, compassionate, and obedient like Bernadette. Since serving in Lourdes, I have tried harder to nourish my soul with confession, retreats, and by continuing to serve every step of my daily life. If you have heard about Lourdes Volunteers, it is not by chance. It is a call from Mary Our Mother to express the Message of Lourdes, to go pray and visit the sick.

Help people to enjoy the beauty and the power of the rosary and make sure they can reach Lourdes by Virtual Pilgrimage. That way, Our Mother can use us as her instruments as much as possible and the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the Love of Jesus can be shared with all.