The Rosary is a beautiful symbol of peace and strength, especially in these trying times of solitude, anxiety, and uncertainty. The Lourdes Family Rosary is a tremendous blessing and a beacon of hope for our family during this time. We look forward to hearing the voices and seeing familiar faces of dear friends who were brought into our lives by the North American Volunteers.

We have always known the importance of daily family prayer. This pandemic has brought many hardships, but even more, it has brought beautiful blessings to our family. It has slowed us down, and by doing this, it has given us more time together and united us in prayer more and more each day.

The times we get to pray the Lourdes Family Rosary are an absolute favorite. We cherish praying with friends and family especially when we are asked to go to the Grotto of our Hearts. We are transported right back to Lourdes with our Blessed Mother, united in peace,   confidence and love.