Accurate measurement can be the final difference between profit and loss to small businesses. For the Soubirous family in 19th century, drought-stricken southern France, weights and measures must have been a defining factor in the loss of their small mill. Measurement surely must have been meaningful to any child living in a mill.

Years after the apparitions, while Bernadette was living as a religious sister in the Motherhouse convent in Nevers, far away from her childhood as a poor miller’s daughter, Bernadette says to “love without measure.” This expression is so profound when taken in the context of her early life experiences as a poor girl and her family history of poverty and loss.

At Lourdes Volunteers, “love without measure” is our rule – and our holy ruler – our spiritual measure in all practical tasks that we do. “Love without measure” is not just our motto, it is the truly immeasurable tool we must use to live the Gospel Message of Lourdes, in our charism, in our loving care for the sick, for each other and all those we encounter.