The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the world as we know it. There is no gain in saying that many are living in fear of the unknown. The mystery surrounding the coronavirus is beyond human comprehension but not beyond the God who made the universe. Amidst the uncertainty, depression, fear and anxiety, is the trauma experienced in the medical and health profession. This trauma is faced each day as they care for those who are battling with their lives as a result of being  infected by the coronavirus.

Our Lourdes medical volunteers are not left out of these     experiences in their various places of work. Our Lady of Lourdes has created a confidential medical support group community.  This support group encourages trauma work which involves the sharing of one’s stories; the feelings and thoughts that surround them as they process the painful    experiences.  This often reconnects to related trauma of the past; however, through this support group, all are safe while they share their personal stories.

This unique community is comprised of medical volunteers who have served the sick and disabled in Lourdes.  This       support group is co-facilitated by Fr. Andrew and Dr. Majel.

Fr. Andrew Ibegbulem, OSA

Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Majel Braden, Ed.D

Grief and Trauma Counseling