We consider the Lourdes family a gift to us. It was, and forever will be the trip of a lifetime and everything that we experienced there was hard for us to put into words really, but just all around beautiful.

When I think of Lourdes, the biggest gift (our son) Connor received was pure love, from everyone. If you knew what our life was like, you would understand the loneliness and lack of acceptance we have experienced, he has experienced, in this lifetime.

We all came home renewed not just spiritually, but more connected with humanity than we have in a very long time. Lourdes and the NALV family will always be instilled in our hearts and souls. You guys mean the world to us, as does Lourdes. We think of all of you often, with love, appreciation, and pure gratitude for our experience at Lourdes and the love it brought with it.

I take any and every opportunity to speak of Lourdes. If we are in the hospital, every nurse, every therapist, even doctors, hear our story of going to Lourdes and I’m whipping out all the photos to show them of our experience. I take great joy looking at their faces when I do. I’ll still share how truly incredible our trip was and how blessed we were to get there, and I still pinch myself, like – “DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?”, and
then I say yes, yes it did, and thank you Mother Mary for getting us there!