“What an awesome day!”   We started with the International Mass in the Basilica of St. Pius X Underground Basilica.  It was built in 1958 at the  100th anniversary at Lourdes and is shaped like Noah’s Ark.  It’s cool that 25,000 people can fit in this Church.

Many of us participated in the Mass, and it was an honor to represent our country.

We also joined in the Eucharistic Procession.  Different countries participated again and we were proud to help the sick and handicapped pilgrims from the  United States so they were able to join in the Procession with other people from Spain and Italy.







Youth Volunteer Reflections of Lourdes:

“Seeing so many people from different places and languages reassured me of my faith.  That keeps running through my head seeing all these people here.”  Forrest 16

“It’s cool that Catholic means universal and it is reinforced for me here that Catholic really is universal with all these different cultures together. “  Julie 17

“It struck me that everyone comes together and believes the same thing even though we are all different—we all have the common faith.  Even with such different backgrounds.”   Sam 16

“I have had the most wonderful, awesome time experiencing Lourdes with these pilgrims.  I love it here, helping the sick pilgrims.  I’ve met and made new friends.  I don’t have anything else to say, every day it’s just great!  There are times that I can’t find the right words to describe it.  It’s just AMAZING!  Thank you, Mother Mary, for letting me come and do such a wonderful thing.” Anonymous Youth Volunteer

“To me, Lourdes is a place to come to if you are looking for peace…”  Joseph, Youth Volunteer

“Welcome to Catholic Disney World, where all your dreams come true!  Of course, a dream is only a wish without a prayer.  So, Welcome to Lourdes, where God is truly present and all your prayers come true!!!”   Aly 16

“So far, it has been fun.  The fun part is seeing our favorite Special Needs Pilgrims, and everybody smiling and having fun.  Another fun part is getting the chance to meet new people in the group and hang out.  I didn’t know them before this week.  I really want to come back next year.”   Cyera, Youth  Volunteer

More tomorrow and we will catch up with some other things we have done in Lourdes!

* * *