Napa Valley View

Nestled between the splendor of Napa Valley and Sonoma County are the fruitful vines which harvest into award-winning California wines. Nurtured by generations of passionate winemakers, these vineyards have prospered over the years under expert and attentive care.Vineyard View

Linear rows of grapevines form foliage into lush rank and file. Dotted within the patchwork quilted hillsides and amongst the crisscrossed designs are the hopeful anticipations of the flavorful potential of good wine.

The Message of Lourdes is welcomed in California: vineyard beauty, fine wine, long tradition and true faith are innate to both places and peoples.

Sterling Vineyards EntranceManicured vineyards are meticulously maintained, as are landscaping and gardens. Each winery is leisurely inviting us in.

Wine country in northern California is visual poetry.

Master winemakers know that good wine begins on the vine…

Grapevine LeavesPruning the fruitful vine makes more sense to us now that we see the vineyards and the vines. No wonder both the Old and New Testaments refer so often to the vineyards, vines, masters, laborers and wine!

God, please help us to be a fruitful vine, to labor well in Your vineyard.

We are here offering Virtual Pilgrimages in the wine country homeland of a friend to Lourdes Volunteers, Michael-John Poirier. In our Lourdes home of the Immaculate Conception Basilica this year, he taught us to make our Holy Hour holy. His family shared so much with our family. Yet another time we thank Our Lady for introducing us to her friends!

We want to share a taste of our California and Lourdes experiences…

Click on the image of Michael-John and follow the instructions for the best glimpse of understanding pruning the fruitful vine that we know of:

Michael John Poirier

* * *