Franciscan University Fund

Franciscan students have been serving with North American Lourdes Volunteers since 2004. Throughout the years, we have had over 800 students join us in Lourdes, serving the Sanctuary and the sick and living out St. Bernadette’s call to simplicity, obedience and humility.

In the fall…

Students serve North American Volunteers special needs pilgrims, providing transportation, meal service, housekeeping and hospitality. Nursing and pre-med students serve with the medical team, and student volunteers make it possible for the sick to travel from the United States and seek the healing graces of Our Lady of Lourdes.

All attend the Mass in the Grotto and International Mass, as well as the Eucharistic and Candlelight Rosary Processions. Through service in the Sanctuary, students deepen their knowledge of St. Bernadette and the Message of Lourdes.

In the spring…

Students serve Hospitalité Notre-Dame de Lourdes, an international team of volunteers offering assistance at the train station, baths and ceremonies in the Sanctuary. Volunteers provide their hands in service to the sick pilgrims in need. Ladies serve in the Baths, assisting pilgrims from all walks of life into the liquid grace of Lourdes. They begin their service in prayer to prepare for the task at hand, which can be physically demanding. Men serve in a variety of ways: at the train. unloading the sick; assisting pilgrims off the train; in the two daily processions; and during the ceremonies and events of Lourdes.

All attend Formation, where they learn about Lourdes, the Sanctuary, St. Bernadette and the Message of Lourdes as given to Bernadette by Our Lady in 1858.

In Lourdes, students learn the Message of Lourdes in Formation, live it in service and love it with all their hearts! Your generous donation to sponsor a student’s pilgrimage to Lourdes ensures that our October Special Needs Pilgrims are supported by a vibrant volunteer team of all ages and abilities.

“Everyone’s experience is a bit different. Our Lady tailors each pilgrim’s and volunteer’s time in Lourdes with that person’s needs in mind. Everything that happens there—easy, hard, heartwarming or embarrassing—is part of her plan, even if the significance won’t become clear until long afterwards.

If you’re not sure if you should go: pray. Talk to others who have gone. Consider where you want to see Our Lady’s grace in action: hardships in your own life, sick friends and relatives, loved ones in need of conversion. Ask God what your talents are and where He wants you to use them. And don’t be afraid to ask God for a sign.”

Peter, OH

Franciscan Volunteer 2017