Diamond Star Three men without a GPS don’t ask for directions to find an unknown manger…

Is this a Christmas Miracle?

There was an illuminated path for them to find their way to honor the Christ Child and there is lighted way for us to keep on the road to kneel before Christ…

Follow That Star!

We don’t have to seek an astrological sign to find our way to Christ and we don’t have to find a penance to live the Message of Lourdes.  We need only to live our vocations—en route—we can find holiness, like Bernadette, simply and humbly living our vocation to sanctity.

Following the StarIf we are married, then our spouse is our North Star.  They will keep us on our knees seeking Christ.

If we are in religious life, our superiors will keep us on our knees, in prayer, in obedience, seeking the Christ Child.  If we are single, the Teachings of the Church and Ten Commandments can guide us to live a holy life. 

If we are children, obedience to our parents lights the way for us daily.

Love is the answer to every question, to every situation.  Loving to holiness helps to keep us on our knees in humility.  Loving our spouse, our superior, the Church and our parents, can make us holy, keep us seeking Christ in each situation of joy and of difficulty.  Follow your star!

Awaiting the Holy BirthFollowing the Star and preparing the Manger for the Christ is not easy. 

Faith is essential… 

Humility is required… 

Simplicity is necessary…

Mary simply got on the donkey in humility for the rough ride and faithfully followed her spouse to Bethlehem, day and night with angels. 

Oh Holy Mary, Holy St. Joseph and the Angels, help me to be ready for all the graces of Christmas, to live my vocation to holiness this Advent.

Follow the star to Christmas to find the Christ Child born to save us! 

Purple Advent Candle BurningPurple Advent Candle BurningRose Advent Candle  Purple Advent Candle Burning

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