Dr. Linda Satterlee  |  Board Member  |  Diocese of Orlando

Dr. Linda Satterlee joined the Board of Directors in 2019, after faithfully lending her medical expertise since 2004 in her role as Medical Director. Over her tenure, she has traveled to Lourdes on Special Needs Pilgrimage seventeen times! 

A family physician for nearly 40 years, Dr. Satterlee is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother of nine, and great-grandmother of ten. She resides in Florida and is active in local medical and parish ministries. 

About Me…

I have been privileged to be a family physician for almost forty years! It has been a gift to experience the challenges of medicine and to establish such fulfilling relationships with my patients over so many years. I graduated magna cum laude from MSU and graduated from PCOM in Philadelphia in 1980 with my medical degree. I established a busy family practice outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, making house calls, delivering babies, and caring for patients in the hospital, nursing home, and my office. Somehow, during those busy years, I met and married my husband of 36 years. Because he had five children, I was blessed with a family! We watched all five grow, marry and had two sons of our own. We now have nine grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren!

After fourteen years in solo practice, I formed the first large family practice office in the area. It continues to serve the community, providing X-rays lab services and full medical care. In 2004, I began traveling to Lourdes with North American Volunteers and began to serve as their Medical Director. I have been blessed to travel on Special Needs Pilgrimages seventeen times! I have been profoundly touched by the strength and faith of all those pilgrims. I pray I can continue to serve as long as I am able.

In 2016 my husband, Lee, and I retired and moved to the Villages, Florida. I soon was back at work in a busy practice with The Villages Health and became one of their medical directors.

In September 2018, I retired for the second time and wish now to devote my time to volunteer efforts. I currently work at The Lazarus Clinic which is part of St. Pedro Maldonado Mission. I have also begun to serve as lector at my parish, St. Vincent de Paul.

Being a part of the Lourdes Volunteers family has enriched my life and opened my soul. I feel so privileged to be asked to serve as a member of the board. I look forward to ensuring Our Lady’s request to bring the sick to The Grotto of Lourdes and to a closer relationship with Her Son.