We couldn’t figure out how to buy a train ticket from the machine. The earliest train departed. Better to pay the conductor 3.70 Euro on board than to miss another train. The transfer at the Frankfurt Station was now going to be nearly impossible with only 90 seconds connecting time. My friend worried. The later to the airport, the less likely to get a seat today…. The angels would have to help me to change trains.

German TrainMaking the Sign of the Cross, I entered the train and took the seat where my computer and projector case would best fit without rolling away. There were other empty seats so the woman was surprised when I sat so close next to her.

St. Bernadette, thank you for your example to make the Sign of the Cross when we are afraid or unsure, to place the Blessed Trinity between us and whatever challenge we are about to encounter.

After praying to peacefulness, I pulled out the itinerary and showed it to my reluctant seat mate. Her eyes widened! She understood the transfer time and read my airport destination. She didn’t speak English at all. Nobody seemed to understand her request to help me. They might as well have all been speaking Greek—I don’t speak German and couldn’t understand anything except the international language of a smile!

* * *

The lady pointed to her and then me indicating that I should follow her.Angel IconGREAT! We’re going to the same train. Whew! When the train slowed at the first stop, she gently but firmly put her hand on my arm and shook her head no so that I couldn’t get off at the wrong stop. She steadied my computer bag when the train sped forward, like a protective guardian, almost angelic.  Her quiet yet kind calming presence was reassuring.

When it was time to go, she helped with the projector and computer bag. She swiftly guided us through the busy Frankfurt train depot. We hurried. Across the station, down stairs, up an escalator and at last onto an elevator. She pointed to me smiling and said, “German” shaking her head NO. I placed my hand on my heart, smiled and said, “American.” She pointed to herself and with a nod smiled proudly, “Greek.”  The earlier language barrier on the train was explained!

We ran across the platform. The chimes rang and the noise sounded as the doors were about to shut. Quickly she pushed me up through the closing doors and two men helped me in. The doors slammed—she didn’t make it! She turned and went upstairs. She was running to make her own connection. She had never intended to go on this train.

A lady from Greece helped an American get home from Germany. Like a mighty angel she steadfastly assisted me safely to my destination—and selflessly asked nothing in return to get me where I needed to go.

Thank God for the angels. Thank God for the people You put before us when we need help—both when we ask and when we don’t.

Please, God, help me to have faith in You, in Your angels, and in Your saints—both in Heaven and in the making here on earth.

* * *