Andrea’s Wish

We are grateful for all the support we received in 2022 and going into 2023 to continue our mission and programs. We believe the world needs the Gospel message of Lourdes now, more than ever. We know that miracles still happen today and that we must continue serving those who suffer by leading them to Jesus through Mary.

This year, we are dedicated to bringing pilgrims with special needs to the Grotto at Lourdes. However, travel to Lourdes is not financially possible for many families facing long term care expenses or illness.

As we enter Lent, we as Catholics are asked to pray, fast and give alms. We ask you to consider giving your special Lenten gift to our Andrea’s Wish Fund.


$17,300 of $40,000 Received

Help us raise $40,000 in the 40 days of preparation before Easter.

Created in loving memory of Andrea Bartolomeo, Andrea’s Wish is a sponsorship fund offering support to special needs pilgrims making the journey to Lourdes.

Andrea was a pilgrim who answered the calling to Lourdes and humbly showed us the true road to holiness with her powerful example to “see Christ in everyone.” She gave witness to the possibilities for the critically ill, terminally ill and profoundly  disabled to make pilgrimage to Lourdes with prudent planning and expert supportive care.

It was Andrea’s Wish that any seriously ill or disabled person, especially those without family, caregivers or financial assistance, be granted the opportunity to make holy pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Read more of Andrea’s story in Chapter 8 of Everyday Miracles of Lourdes by Marlene Watkins.


“After returning home, Andrea wrote a tender letter to her family and friends trying to explain the life-changing experience and great deepening of faith she had received on her pilgrimage … She knew her wish for anyone in need of healing or a grace to go to Lourdes was not financially possible for everyone.”

– Page 103 of Everyday Miracles of Lourdes

Since 2007 Andrea’s Wish raised over $1,300,000 which has sponsored 575 special needs pilgrims.

100% of every donation provides partial or full sponsorship to a pilgrim in need of financial assistance longing for pilgrimage to Lourdes. Any amount you donate makes a profound difference.

This fund is only possible with the generosity of donors who wish, as Andrea wished, that every person with the desire is able to journey to Lourdes for healing and grace. Donations for Andrea’s Wish are collected year round dispersed to pilgrims as full or partial sponsorship as available.