I waited to go Lourdes from the time that I was six years old. When I arrived in Lourdes on my first day, I made my way past the Chapel to look for the Grotto. When I rounded the corner, the Grotto came out of nowhere and I didn’t expect it. Seeing the Grotto right in front of me was overwhelming and I started to cry. I felt so blessed and humbled in that moment. I often tell people that for me as a Catholic, which literally means “universal”, Lourdes was the most universal place that I have ever been. I communicated with people through helping those who put their lives on hold to go somewhere that has them surrender completely to their faith. Communication wasn’t so much through words, but rather through actions, smiles, kindness, and love. I knew that I would have to go back one day. The universality of Lourdes and the firm faith that the pilgrims and volunteers have which brings them there is what makes me miss Lourdes every single day. But like Bernadette says, “I just close my eyes and I’m there.”