The tragedy begins—the door to Eternal Happiness is slammed shut by Adam and Eve.

Trillions of days and trillions upon trillions of suffering times later, God so loves us that He is sending His Son to open the door for us… 

Are we ready for this arrival?  The Advent wreath tradition can help us.

Purple Advent Candle BurningThe advent-ure begins… 


a light in the darkness… 

all the preparations for the coming

An Avent Wreath is a visual preparation for us as advent is the coming”.

Unprepared MangerImagine the Pope was coming—not just to our country or city or town, but to see us personally?  Would we think about what to wear?  Get a haircut?  Try to look our best?  Tell our friends? 

Neated MangerWhat if he was coming to stay at our home?  

Would we need to do some cleaning or make some changes?  Would we do anything special? 

Would we be prepared?  Would we need to do a little at a time?

Warming the MangerWarmer Manger 

How much time would it take to be ready? 

Purple Advent Candle Burning

One week? 

Purple Advent Candle Burning

Two weeks? 

Three weeks? Purple Advent Candle Burning

Are four weeks enough?

…a little at a time…

If the Holy Father was coming, wouldn’t we be thinking about him and be busy preparing our place for him the best we possibly could?

Ready MangerIf the Christ Child is coming, how can we prepare to be ready?

Four weeks of Advent!

The advent-ure begins…to ready our hearts to welcome Our Lord.

We know He is coming! How can we be ready? One week at a time…

Bernadette would keep it simple and humble.  Let’s follow her example:

St. Bernadette, help me be humble of heart for Christmas and always.

Baby Jesus, help me to be prepared for You, ready my heart. 

The ADVENT-ure begins  

* * *