“Being able to serve the sick in the Piscines is a very spiritual experience. These pilgrims, whose sickness is physical, mental, or even spiritual, travel hundreds of miles to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes and bathe in the spring waters.
Through my service, I couldn’t offer or promise these pilgrims a physical healing, but I could do something simple, like help them bathe in the springs. I could help them find peace within their illnesses and disabilities. What an honor it was to serve the sick in this way!
There is a real grace present while serving in Lourdes that is evident in the gentleness of the women I worked alongside, the continuous prayers that flowed out for each pilgrim, and the grace of knowing that God is continually working miracles in the lives of these pilgrims, whether I knew it or not.
Serving in Lourdes has allowed me to witness faith without limitation, human life at its most vulnerable, and most importantly, see and honor the inherent worth of each person I meet. It is truly such a gift, and I am forever grateful!”