July 16, 2022 – The 20th Anniversary of our Founding

3 ways to continue celebrating 20 years of service to Our Lady and her pilgrims in our Year of Grace and Gratitude:

Become a member of our Association (if you’re not one already)

Assist / help someone at Lourdes or at home who has an unmet need and no one else to help them.  

Prayerfully consider a generous donation to Lourdes Volunteers so that we can continue the good work started 20 years ago.

    A Special Year of Grace and Gratitude

    We are honored to share a full year of grace and gratitude with YOU!

    Thank you for embracing our mission, to serve the sick and suffering in Lourdes and at home. Our holy work continues to lead souls to our true home in Heaven.

    Each month of this special year we will reflect on and celebrate a different aspect of the history of our association. 

    This November, we pray in gratitude for our first employee and all employees who have and will follow; as well as the many priceless office volunteers who support our holy work.


    In Case You Missed It!

    Watch our special membership gathering celebrating 20 years of everyday miracles of Lourdes. Looking back in gratitude and forward in faith! 

    • Our first fiat, first board meeting and hear from our first employee!
    • The wonderful difference between decision and discernment.
    • What surprises have we encountered in the past 20 years?!
    • Highlights from the St. Bernadette Relic Tour and updates from our Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage guides on the road.
    • Learn more about the special gift of indulgences granted by the Apostolic decree to our inscribed members.
    • Plus, learn of exciting news for our Bernadette Brigade prayer warriors!

    Top 20 Miracles of Lourdes Inspired by Every YES! 

    1. Family

    2. Love without measure

    3. Faith

    4. Service

    5. Evangelization and conversion

    6. Healing

    7. Hope

    8. Acceptance

    9. Transformation 

    10. Humility, Simplicity, and Obedience

    11. Charity

    12. Friendships

    13. Patience and understanding

    14. Knowledge and wisdom 

    15. Vocation 

    16. Peace

    17. Unity

    18. Purpose and belonging

    19. Joy 

    20. Legacy