Virtual Pilgrimage

The graces that flow from Virtual Pilgrimage are enormous and countless.  A special Visitation took place at St. Thomas the Apostle in Sandyston, NJ as Our Lady was there in our midst, silently directing everything.  The music ministry with a professional vocalist led us in angelic praise of Jesus through His Immaculate Mother.   We touched the Grotto Stones with reverence and awe, knowing they were in the presence of the Mother of God, and blessed ourselves with the liquid grace of Lourdes Water.  Everyone lifted their candles to honor the Blessed Virgin as strings of “Ave, Ave” filled the church.  It was so deeply profound and moving.

One lady stated that she and her daughter hesitated attending because they plan to be in Lourdes this October; however, with smiles of joy, she said she was most grateful for If this experience was so wonderful, she can’t imagine what actually being in Lourdes will be!  Another woman, most thankful for this experience, wrote, “I feel very close to Our Lady of Lourdes, whom I knew so little about before you came!” She invited North American Lourdes Volunteers to her parish in NJ and to a nearby nursing home to share the Gospel Message of Lourdes!

Through Virtual Pilgrimage Our Lady enters the hearts of everyone, calls them by name and moves them closer to her Son.  How blessed to have such a loving and caring Mother who brings us to Jesus.  What a direct and divine line of communication is ours!

Testimonials from the Pilgrims who have
attended this Virtual Pilgrimage

“The whole virtual pilgrimage was very spiritually lifting but I was most impressed with what I did not know about St. Bernadette’s life on her road to sainthood.  I only knew that she was a saint and that as a young girl was visited by Our Lady where the grotto now is.   I also did not know that way of praying while making the sign of the cross – of course, I will be doing that from now on. Please tell the guide that she has the most beautiful voice and manner of speaking. It really added to the entire experience.”

Marion, New Jersery


“I feel that the real presence of Our Lady was evident to all. Because this pilgrimage was done under the auspices of the Legion of Mary with The cooperation of the Knights of Columbus and the Columbiettes I feel as though it was an extremely spiritual endeavor. Our Lady’s loving children invited her in and she was definitely accommodating…

I was particularly moved when the entire crowd knelt in adoration. It was very powerful to see several hundred people kneeling and praying to the Blessed Sacrament.

Several people brought their small children. I was very moved to see the parents take the hands of the little one and guide them in the holy water of Lourdes or to touch the holy rocks of the grotto. That brought me to tears! A beautiful event!! Thanks to all involved!!”

Keaton, New Jersey


“For me this virtual pilgrimage was a Godsend. I have always wanted to go Lourdes, and as always “The Lord hears the cry of the poor…”, and so I was there, fully in heart and soul and by the grace of God. The day was a treasure. Thank you so much. “

Pepi, New Jersey


“I did feel like was actually at Lourdes walking in the procession. Experiencing with the many people. I would go again should there be another virtual pilgrimage in this area.

There were many people who clutched to the grotto rock as a life preserver. While others barely touched it. I could tears in the people’s eye as they came up to me. People I know from mass who were quite moved by the whole experience. When they came to the grotto water many blessed themselves while others sprinkled the water on body parts that needed extra miracles.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. It exceeded my expectations and more.

As people were leaving I saw many people were visibly moved by their experience.”

Chris, New Jersey