St. Bernadette Special Needs Pilgrimage 2022

Saint Bernadette Special Needs Pilgrimage 2022

Pilgrimage for the sick, suffering and those in need of special accommodations. 

October 9-16, 2022- 8 days/7 nights – New York JFK Departure – $2,999.00

Why come with us?

It is our blessing to join pilgrims on their journey to Lourdes and to pray with them in the Grotto. Celebrating 20 years in service to the sick this July, we continue to accompany pilgrims with diabetes, end stage cancer and many other illnesses and needs. These pilgrimages are accompanied by a Catholic priests and leaders faithful to the Church. It is our privilege to assist pilgrims in preparation, in travel and on pilgrimage. 

Supportive Care

Thanks to our medical volunteers, we are able to provide supportive medical care for each pilgrim. We support pilgrims who might have diabetes and are in need of wheelchair assistance to those who are end-stage cancer and might need oxygen. 

Pilgrim supportive care is reviewed by our medical team, including our medical director and head nurse who have been to Lourdes over twenty times. A pilgrimage physician and a pilgrimage nurse is assigned each special needs pilgrim. 

In addition to our medical team, our pilgrims are supported on pilgrimage by our experienced pilgrimage leaders, lay companions and advance team volunteers. Lay volunteers provide for all the personal and practical care. Every detail is lovingly considered to make for a happy and holy journey to Lourdes, France.


Pilgrimage Highlights

  • Daily Mass, Grotto Mass and International Mass
  • Candlelight Rosary and Eucharistic Processions
  • Opportunities to receive the Sacraments, including Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation
  • Visit to the Piscines (Baths) – the Baths are open limited hours, but immersion into the tub is not available at this time. Families can enter together, remain clothed, and experience the “Gesture of Water” in guided prayer, similar to Bernadette during the 9th apparition with Lourdes Water poured over the hands for personal use.
  • Tours of the Sanctuary and town of Lourdes

What’s Included



Round trip flights from New York JFK Airport through Paris- CDG Airport to Pau PUF.

Bus Transport

Private transport from Pau Airport to Lourdes


Lourdes: Shared hotel rooms at Hotel La Solitude. Single room request for an additional fee of $300.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Pilgrimage Chaplain

Catholic priest(s) will accompany the pilgrimage; Mass daily, available for spiritual direction, Sacramental Confession, and Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.


Experienced Pilgrimage Leaders to guide travel and scheduled activities.

Not Included

Travel from your home city to New York JFK Airport, Mandatory Travel Guard trip insurance, airport snacks or meals, bistro snacks, drinks, desserts; musuem or show entrance fee/tickets, taxi or private transportation, tips (our Lourdes Volunteers Leaders do NOT accept tips); ambulance transportation, medical visits, medication or hospitalization (see Travel Guard coverages). 

Payments, Cancellations and Terms

$1,000 deposit due at initial booking.

90 days before departure – July 11, 2022 – final payment is due. 

$500 Cancellation fee through July 11.

All payments are non-refundable after July 11.

Read full Terms and Conditions.

Experience Our Lady’s Love in Lourdes

Over 2,000 Special Needs Pilgrims have entrusted us with their care on 53 pilgrimages! Join us as a pilgrim, companion or medical volunteer!

Special Needs Pilgrims

For the sick, disabled, suffering and those in need of special accommodations.


Advance Team Volunteers

For lay volunteers, our advance team traveling October 7-17 supports the behind-the-scenes duties necessary to bring the sick to Lourdes.

Medical Volunteers

For doctors, nurses and practitioners willing to make the impossible possible!

Accommodations and Flight Information 

Pilgrimage Accommodations

Hotel La Solitude is uniquely located on the banks of the River Gave at the entrance to the Sanctuaries located right outside of St. Joseph’s gate.


early departure/later return        Sunday October 9 JFK 4:30 pm AIR FRANCE #23                 

                                                          Sunday October 16 JFK 5:00 pm AIR FRANCE #006

late departure/early return          Sunday October 9 JFK 9:50 pm DELTA #264                         

                                                          Sunday October 16 JFK 12:55 pm AIR FRANCE #14

Please work with Kathleen, Special Needs Pilgrimage Manager before buying any connecting travel so we can ensure we have the adequate medical coverage on each plane for our pilgrims. Thank you. 

Delta Airlines and Air France are Sky Team partners. It is highly recommended ALL connecting travel to JFK be on Delta Airlines flights. IF YOU CHOOSE another carrier and do not arrive to JFK on time for your group flight, Air France will not be obligated to assist you to another flight to Paris.

Please allow at least 3 HOURS OR MORE to arrive in JFK prior to international departure.

Please allow at least 3 HOURS OR MORE to depart for your connecting flight home upon return.

Please submit your connecting travel information as soon as you purchase by email to or by mail. 


We suggest you join Delta SkyMiles frequent flier program earning miles. Sign up through Delta Airlines. Only a SkyMiles number can be provided to the group desk before travel. You earn miles on fares based on a percentage of the distance flown on your flight. The percentage is determined by the fare of your ticket. Other Sky Team frequent flier numbers must be presented at check-in. Please provide your SkyMiles number to our office when completing the application. 


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