Requirements for Pilgrimage

We thank you for taking the next steps in joining our Lourdes Volunteers family on pilgrimage!

Checklist of Items and Forms to Submit

Please use the list below as a guide to complete and submit all necessary paperwork. Please do not wait to send documents.  Documents can be sent separately as we will compile a folder for you.

It is imperative that the action items below be completed and submitted correctly to our office as soon as possible so we can help you to prepare for a blessed fruitful week in Lourdes, France.

Documents can be emailed to,  mailed to 107 Michaels Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13208 or faxed to (315) 362-1404.

Once we receive your online application, we will contact you to direct you to complete your registration and payment. To fully confirm your reservation, the following items will need to be submitted along with your deposit.


  1. Application Agreement with Covid19 Waiver
  2. Health Form 2022
  3. Copy of medical license (for medical volunteers only) – please be sure the copy you send is clear and all dates are eligible.
  4. Copy of passport – please be sure that the copy is clear and picture is not blurry.
  5. Copy of Covid -19 Vaccination Card
  6. Letter of recommendation from priest (for volunteers only) – this letter should be written on letterhead by a priest who knows you, who can state that you are trustworthy and capable to care for the vulnerable pilgrims in Lourdes. This is not intended to be a summary of qualifications or your parish life, just an acknowledgment of your desire to do good work in Lourdes. Be sure that your letter is signed by a priest. 
  7. Photo (quality headshot) – similar to a passport photo. Please try to keep the photo as professional as possible they may be used to register for service in Lourdes as well as a tool for our Pilgrimage Leaders to recognize you on travel day or if an emergency situation on the ground in Lourdes arises. It is important that this is a current representation of you. Only our leadership will see the photos.
  8. Copy of connecting travel details (flights information, transportation service, etc).
  9. Purchase travel/medical insurance
  10. Safe Environment Verification (for volunteers only)
  11. Final Payment

Travel/Medical Insurance

Travel/Medical Insurance

Required for all participants/passengers/travelers/volunteers. The cost is not included in the pilgrimage price.

Individual premiums are based on age and tour cost. Coverages vary by state.

Extra coverage (bundles) including cancel for any reason can be added to individual policies if desired.

Note: Lourdes Volunteers has offered Travel Guard policies for many years and we are familiar with their coverages and claims process. We are not familiar with other insurance products. In the event of a claim, we can assist you only if you purchase the recommended policy.

In the past, Travel Guard has offered a group policy that we have always used. This policy is no longer available causing the change in our procedure for travel insurance this year. After review, we have found that the Preferred Policy offers similar coverage to past group policies.

Safe Environment Verification (Volunteers only)

Safe Environment Verification and Form

All volunteers on pilgrimage with Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers are required to have current Safe Environment training with a criminal background check provided by their home diocese. The Syracuse Diocese must verify both the training and background check each year for every volunteer.

Thank you for your cooperation and support to protect the innocent and vulnerable.

Please see the instructions and download and print the SET Instructions and Form.

If you have questions, please email or call to speak with Courtney in our office at (315) 476-0026. 

Service Expectations (Volunteers only)

Service in the “Spirit of Lourdes”

Lourdes is a holy place. A place where miracles happen in an atmosphere of prayer. The opening words of the invitation of Our Lady to Bernadette in the Grotto, “would you be so kind as to come here . . .” give us the “Spirit of Lourdes” and Bernadette’s docile and joyful response provides the example for our behavior to serve pilgrimage at Lourdes, serving each person as Christ.

To best serve Our Lady, her pilgrims and each other on pilgrimage to Lourdes, we expect each volunteer to adhere by the following expectations for appearance and behavior.

  • respect the confidentiality of all pilgrims
  • follow the schedule as provided daily
  • be on time for all activities, meetings and events
  • observe curfews
  • act in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding faith and morals.

Volunteers must accept responsibility for all their actions, If a volunteer should fail in any serious way, he or she agrees to accept any consequences and make an honest effort to correct the unacceptable behavior. Volunteers understand that should behavior be found unacceptable, they may be required to depart early from the pilgrimage at their own expense.


Dress Code (Volunteers only)

Following our dress code will ensure a reverent and unified look at the Sanctuary and help to maintain the respect Our Lady deserves in the Grotto. Our dress code is intended to assure the dignity and modesty expected of North American Volunteers and to be identified as in service to the sick,

  • All volunteers are to be neat, clean and, presentable in appearance
  • Consider mobility, flexibility, comfort and modesty
  • Shoes must be comfortable with a closed toe and slip-resistant
  • No gum chewing
  • Hair is to be tied back and away from the face
  • Nametag provided is to be worn at all times

Female Volunteers

All first-year volunteers, in their Year of Discovery, are to wear the following: a button-up white nurse dress uniform over a white top/blouse and navy skirt. The button-up white nurse dress uniform can be buttoned or opened up like a lab coat worn to protect your white top and navy skirt during service. No pants, ever. 

Returning volunteers are to wear a white nurse dress uniform. The uniform dress must fall below the knees (NOT tight-fitting). A slip is necessary. A white top and navy or black knee-length skirt may be worn underneath the uniform and for ceremonies (International Mass and Procession). A Navy cardigan sweater and white or navy tights are suggested. HNDL belt is recommended. All service provides aprons to be worn during service.

Male Volunteers

A light-colored collared shirt is to be worn eachday. A tie is requested at all Grotto and Eucharistic functions. Ties with the Hospitalite logo can be purchased. Dark slacks (preffered), no unbelted or drooping pants. Please no jeans or shorts. Navy blue blazers are recommended. Brittelles (straps) are provided by the Hospitalite Bureau.

Well presented and well dressed volunteers will have more opportunities available to them. 


Practioners are to wear white lab coats.

Nurses are to wear a white nurse dress uniform during travel and on assigned duty days. 

Advance team volunteers are to wear dark pants or a skirt with a white shirt each day in Lourdes. Three collared shirts will be provided for you and included with your travel documents to pack and bring. You may bring additional white shirts for each day in Lourdes. Aprons will be provided for housekeeping and dining room service. 

Companions and caregivers are to wear casual, comfortable clothing but no jeans or shorts are allowed for any service. 

Unacceptable attire within the Sanctuary at Lourdes and during service include:

  • NO sleeveless tops, tank tops or tops with spaghetti straps
  • NO tight, low-cut, unbuttoned, transparent or halter tops
  • NO shorts, sweatpants, or jeans
  • NO tight pants, leggings, stretch pants, or stirrup pants
  • NO flip-flop or sandals
  • NO dropping, hanging, saggy, baggy pants or clothing.

Travel Documents and Departure Meeting via Zoom

Approximately one week prior to departure, we will send your travel documents to you.

Included in the travel documents packet will be your departure day instructions, Delta/Air France e-ticket confirmation, daily itinerary, emergency contact information, travel wallet and luggage tags.

Be sure to notify us if you are traveling prior to pilgrimage and need your documents mailed to a different address.

We will have a Departure Meeting via Zoom prior to departure. You will be notified of the date and time and asked to confirm joining the meeting as soon as it is scheduled.

Pilgrim Promise of Joy

O God, Thank You for calling me on this spiritual journey to know You more fully.

I promise to embrace with joy all that You present to me on this pilgrimage.

Bless me to be patient, compassionate and loving as I meet You in others.

O God, please give me the grace to welcome the unexpected, to see Your blessing in every moment and to be awed by holiness wherever encountered.

Please renew me to return home refreshed and transformed in You.