Go To Lourdes

Go To Lourdes

“Go tell the priests to have people come here in procession.”

Our Lady to Bernadette in the Grotto, March 2, 1858

GTLOLOL1During the 13th apparition, March 2, 1858, Our Lady directed Bernadette to tell the priests to build a chapel and to “go tell the priests to have people come here in procession.” We make pilgrimage to the Grotto possible for those broken in body or spirit, traveling alone or with loved ones, to comfortably and safely journey to France with the assistance and loving supportive care of North American Lourdes Volunteers. Millions of people from around the world make this holy pilgrimage to Lourdes each year and so can you.

A Special Needs Pilgrimage is a one-week fully handicapped-accessible experience of Lourdes, France.  A volunteer team of devoted doctors, nurses, companions and caregivers provide medical supportive care.


Medical supportive care for pilgrims with special needs includes:

  • mobility and transportation
  • oxygen
  • kidney dialysis
  • infusion therapy

Our pilgrimages are escorted by a Pilgrimage Chaplain, always a Catholic priest, and an experienced Pilgrimage Leader. Our pilgrimage schedule includes all the activities, ceremonies, and spiritual practices of Lourdes in addition to our program of events. We visit the places of Bernadette and the holy places of the Sanctuary. We join in daily Mass and the Eucharistic and Candlelight Rosary Processions. We stay in the Accueil Notre-Dame, a hospital-bed facility overlooking the Grotto.

To speak with Kathleen, our Special Needs Manager for more information:

Call (315) 476-0026   or   Email Kathleen@LourdesVolunteers.org