Arrange a Virtual Pilgrimage

In your parish, a Virtual Pilgrimage will give you, your fellow parishioners, pilgrims from neighboring parishes, and your clergy the opportunity to experience the grace and healing of Lourdes in a sacred location that is near their home. What a blessing for those who are unable to travel to France!

But what, exactly, is a Virtual Pilgrimage? The Virtual Pilgrimage can best be explained as a prayerful experience of drawing nearer to God in the company of Our Lady of Lourdes, made possible by bringing Lourdes to the parish “pilgrims” in every way possible.  With clear visuals of what the pilgrims would see in Lourdes, music similar to what they would hear in Lourdes, a piece of the Grotto rock that they would touch in Lourdes, the precious water with which they would wash in Lourdes, and the Rosary and Eucharistic prayerful experiences in which they would participate in Lourdes, we are able to bring much of Lourdes to the virtual pilgrim.  Of course, we take great care to preserve the reverence and sanctity of the pilgrimage itself as we bring it to those who cannot actually go to Lourdes because, like an actual pilgrimage to Lourdes, our Virtual Pilgrimage is a holy encounter with God under the watchful care of Our Lady.

Virtual Pilgrimage is designed to be held in Catholic parishes, but the program is often modified to suit other host venues, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and prisons.

To learn more about arranging a Virtual Pilgrimage, contact us. We are happy to help you!