Medical & Healthcare Volunteers

Pilgrimage Medical Team

As a member of our Pilgrimage Medical Leadership Team you will accompany pilgrims with a variety of special needs providing supportive care to ensure they enjoy a comfortable, safe and meaningful pilgrimage experience.  The needs of the pilgrims are evaluated prior to the pilgrimage by the Pilgrimage Medical Director and Head Nurse in coordination with the pilgrimage directors and the pilgrimage manager. The pilgrimage medical team assesses and provides supportive care in travel and while on pilgrimage.

All medical volunteers are required to:

  • provide an up to date medical license
  • attend Virtus or Safe Environment Training provided by their home diocese
  • take an oath to embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church with respect to the sanctity of human life
  • submit a letter of recommendation from a pastor or priest
  • attend three webinars via the internet prior to departure

Service to the Sanctuaries

All medical professionals are invited to join the AMIL, the Lourdes Medical Bureau, and receive their designated pin and three annual publications for a modest fee.  All practitioners are requested to register upon arrival for possible consultation at the request of the Medical Director at Lourdes.

Licensed physicians and nurses are invited to offer one week of service at the walk-in emergency medical station in the Sanctuaries assisting pilgrims requesting medical care at the on-site facility; multi-lingual skills are beneficial, but not required.